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  1. That game is obviously rigged by someone. Do yourself a favor and stop playing it like I did. Who needs the aggrevation.
  2. "SOMEONE" has the 15 question fun trivia leader board rigged. Check out those unbelievable high scores everyday. It's amazing how so few people ever mention this. Why doesn't TCM do anything to correct this scam?
  3. I'm having trouble also. When I hit play, the screen goes blank.
  4. If you see a player with a score of 1900 on the trivia game, that means he/she answered all 15 questions in less than one second. If you see a score of 1890, that means he/she answered all 15 questions in ten seconds, etc.. I know there are a lot of smart players out there, but these scores are impossible.
  5. Can anything be done by the board to put a stop to the cheating on the trivia game?
  6. I know what you mean. I just sent a message asking how the same three or four players can get 100% everyday on the trivia game, and according to their score; they did it in less than one second. I requested that TMC correct this cheating because it ruins the game for everyone else.
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