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  1. A favorite for his stage musicals: Sweeney Todd Into the Woods West Side Story A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Assassins - this last one is a little hard to find, it's not performed often. I saw it in 1993 at Miami University in Ohio. Worth getting tickets for if it is ever performed near you. He also wrote a twisty-turny doozy of a whodunit screenplay with Anthony Perkins - "The Last of Sheila" (1973)
  2. I suppose that the true test will be when TCM runs David Lynch's "Wild At Heart" Friday overnight on TCM Underground. Has to be THE most violent film that Lynch ever made.
  3. Yes, I admit that I was dumb to do so. Half of those surveys anymore, I quit before I complete it. I wish I had quit this one.
  4. I'm only reporting the questions asked in one of those Warner Bros movie pulse surveys I received. The first question asked me to identify myself as a regular TCM view. All subsequent questions were about car purchases, car insurance, home insurance, and financial planning. Now if they want to use the TCM mailing list to target spam mailing to me, I can just mark it spam. But my concern is that they are looking at running some sorts of commercials on these products during the films. TCM did get a new CEO last year, and she has been making changes. Changed all of the logos and in
  5. AMC initially started with a break halfway through the movie to air commercials. It went downhill from there.
  6. I just answered one of those A-List surveys from Warner Brothers. They wanted to know, Is TCM the primary cable channel I watch (which the answer is yes). Then they asked me if I planned to purchase a car in the next year, my living circumstances (owner or renter), and then if I would be thinking about purchasing home insurance, car insurance, financial planning and a few other similar things in the next year. This smells like a prelude to TCM running commercials. American Movie Channel and Independent Film Channel were good - until they started running commercials. Now, I
  7. I started with the Japanese films from about a week ago. I never realized that there was a "Japanese new Wave", but then watching "The Warped Ones" cured me of that lack of knowledge. Up until now, my main exposure to Japanese films was Akira Kurosawa and (sheepishly) Godzilla (Gojira). But in the Warped Ones, I could see the influence of growing up and living under US occupation following the war and a rejection of those values. There seemed to be a passing resemblance to the British post-war films, especially the "kitchen sink dramas" of the early 60's ("The Loneliness of the Long
  8. Is it me, or does the website missing something about this spotlight series? I'm seeing Eastern European last Tuesday and Australian New Wave from the 70's tonight. Then the next two Tuesdays focus on director Gordon Parks. The schedule link points toward the entire schedule.
  9. I might not mind that. I pay too much for Youtube TV ONLY for TCM. A lot of sports and other garbage I never use. Plus Youtube TV is so buggy lately.
  10. Spectrum, is that Spectrum Internet only, cable only or BOTH?
  11. Fellow TCM fans, thanks for the replies! I've been through everything that each of you suggested. I only have a computer and the streaming box on the network, and I turn off the computer when I try to watch TCM. On my end, it's pretty annoying. Freezing 7-8 times an hour is not acceptable. Might have to start writing some letters to see if I can get attention paid to this. The "bill" was actually an FCC rule change about "net neutrality". NN required ISP's to treat all websites equally. FCC, over much opposition repealed the rule. The quick explanation is that ISP's can n
  12. I have had Sling TV for about three months, mainly because it is a low cost alternate to cable for watching regular cable broadcast TCM. (Not the TCM on Demand service) However, TCM freezes on Sling. The movie will freeze for about 20 to 25 seconds. Then the screen goes blank for two to three seconds. Then the movie plays again. It picks up at where the movie is in the broadcast, NOT where it left off, so you lose the 25 or so seconds. The freeze happens anywhere from two to seven times an hour. I have watched other channels on Sling, such as HDNet, Epix Drive-In, AMC and so on witho
  13. Maybe the word that I am looking for is "gratuitous." Defined: "uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted." Applied to DePalma, of course. I don't think that I've ever found anything gratuitous in Hitchcock's films. Also, please remember that "Frenzy" was one film where the end of the Production Code and the advent of the ratings system allowed Hitchcock do what he did. Even Psycho occurred as it did because of the loosening of the Production Code. Nowadays Psycho receives an "R" rating, but prior to being re-rated for a re-release was still shown uncut on TV. Throughout the e
  14. With the ugly bloody violence of Dressed to Kill (Violent sex in the shower, the razor slashings), or Body Double (with the huge drill), DePalma descends more into a prurient sort of violence porn. No class at all there, as Hitchcock always had. And do I even need to mention the chainsaw in Scarface?
  15. Lang fits very well. And I was surprised (as all first time viewers must be) by Woman in the Window.
  16. I always get irritated when DePalma's name comes up in relation to Hitchcock. (No offense to you.) Which was why I was bound to start a thread on it eventually. Early on, some critic (please don't let it be Roger Ebert) made the first comparisons of DePalma to Hitchcock.This was probably around the time of Sisters and Obsession. (I can't help but wonder that this sort of statement was advanced in party by DePalma using Bernard Herrmann for the music.) While I would agree that Obsession was "Hitchcockian," there all comparisons end. A lot of people fell in love with Dressed to Kill. Me I f
  17. A few of us in America know of Ron Goodwin. Where Eagles Dare (his best), Battle of Britain (again replacing another composer - this time, Sir William Walton), and Force 10 From Navarone to name a few. Sadly Frenzy has never been released on LP or CD. There is one track, the main title only, which shows up on a number of Goodwin and Hitchcock film compilations, but nothing else. Mancini's rejected main title does show up on a Mancini compilation, "Mancini in Surround." http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/title/23083/Frenzy
  18. Here's are two "25 words or less" descriptions of the rise and fall of the Production Code in Hollywood, which should give you some insight into censorship of Hollywood films. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_Picture_Production_Code In one way, the Production Code was a response to maintaining the commercial interests of Hollywood films. In many areas of the country, local censorship boards, usually church-based in nature, would cut up or even refuse to show films with "objectionable" content. (See the Production Code list of "Do's and Don'ts".) Another powerful group behind th
  19. You hit on several that I was thinking of - definitely Preston Sturges, and I've seen enough of his films to see him working in a particular genre utilizing a consistent "style." I would guess Lubitsch as well, but I've only seen the three films you mentioned - so I don't have enough information to make any sort of pronouncement. Capra and Ford most definitely. As I tried to think of more people, I kept coming back to novelists and composers. Stephen King as an author, also Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury. Out of composers, I get Beethoven, Mozart, Aaron Copland, and a grea
  20. North by Northwest - the boy in the restaurant who puts his hands over his ears when the gun fires. Can't find any reference to the name of the actor. But he must be in his late sixties by now.
  21. Yes, I would definitely leave Tarantino out, unless you consider plagiarism (as in everything in his movies he's borrowed from some other movie) a "touch."
  22. Yes, I meant their own personal touch, developed through years of filmmaking, as Hitchcock developed his own personal touch.
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