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  1. i think tcm over uses the zoom function, constantly zooming in, up, down sideways ....ect. i kinda wish tcm would leave these classics alone. so much is lost now that tcm edits these shows, the beautiful background is gone, scenery gone, the shadows gone, the custumes,hats,hairdoews all cut so we cant see how the directors wanted us to see these movies. please return to unedited movies tcm, for the peeps who like to see movies the way they were made, not the way they are edited today
  2. anyone think tcm will ever show movies unedited? seems like they have zoom in and out nowadays, they ignore the hard work the original filmakers took pride in by having beautiful backgrounds. tcm just focuses on tv trends of today, not yesteryear
  3. since tcm hacks all movies now, should tcm call its movies classics? they have zoomed in on the actors nowadays, u dont see the beatiful background and camera shots anymore, just zoomed in on characters. what a shame how tcm has little kids editing these classics into garbage.
  4. after 2 minutes of watching scrooge i noticed tcm hacking again, why does tcm zoom on people, we dont see the full background anymore, so many close-ups. the camera angles have changed, i know people dont pay attention to details, but the true classic movie lover has seen these films butchered by high school kiddies Edited by: blondie_bush on Dec 21, 2010 12:01 PM
  5. interesting how u must attack instead of defending tcm's hacked movies. why dont u just tell me why u like the hacked movies? why do u have to attack me? i bet u can not even tell all these movies have been hacked, u think they are in their original format, they are not. tcm butchered casablanca last week, i told my kids, dont watch this butchered movie, wait till it is on another station where u can see the orginal unhacked version
  6. do you all like the way tcm hacks all their classic movies. it looks like my drunk uncle was filming, tcm hacks these movies so everyones head is cut off, full screens are gone and everyone is at a close up. we dont see beatiful backgrounds anymore, tcm hacks these movies to the max, what a shame. watch how classic movies were truely filmed on amc and fox, u just see hacked movies on tcm. anyone other movie buffs notice all the hacks?
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