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  1. This song has been playing in an enchanting milk commercial lately. Good British Invasion song (a B side no less), nice to watch Rita Tushingham wander around.
  2. May there be great billing and cooing in the land. Happy Valentine's Day!
  3. Had not even heard of him, so thanks for posting this. I've watched at least of hour of YouTube clips in addition to what you've posted, and find him to be sensible (stop making sense!), fair-minded, intelligent, and a free thinker. Very refreshing these days!
  4. Sad, as office romances spice up the place. I met my husband at work, and where we were there were many relationships going on, the place was jumping with it! I'm long gone from there and no doubt things have changed.
  5. Thanks for the clip--he's still got it! Haven't seen him in ages, but it takes me back to watching him on the talk shows decades ago. It was also a delicious discovery of gay men and a brand of sometimes scathing wit I had yet to encounter as a clueless young teenager. (Not saying all gay men are like Rex Reed, not that it would be a bad thing!) This thread has really penetrated my unconscious, as last night I dreamt I met Rex Reed himself at a sparkling New York City cocktail party. If only! Whoops, somehow Jakeem's post didn't show up.
  6. And they say kids can't communicate these days.
  7. Would very much enjoy seeing Rex Reed as a host, or hosting various segments on TCM. He was on the talk shows a lot when I was growing up, and my mother and I got a kick out of watching his witty, bitchy, wise comments from Merv or Johnny's couch on movies and movie stars, or better yet, his own life. Maybe he's said a few undiplomatic things in recent years, but as the decades march on, don't we all? I'd be happy just to hear him talk about life at the Dakota. For me he will always be relevant. I can imagine him discussing The Women, various Mitchell Leisen movies, or his 70s favorit
  8. I guess some years we're more in the Christmas spirit than others. Anyway, a skating Snoopy somehow makes Joni Mitchell's beautiful song all the more poignant.
  9. Tonight on the phone my 90-something father was up in arms about the American Music Awards. "All dreck!" I think he said. After two ! hours of it he had to turn to something else. I couldn't watch it either, and went to YouTube to cleanse the palate by listening to rock 'n' roll. Found this duet of Rebel Yell with Billy Idol and Miley Cyrus. She could really be a badass rock chick if she wanted. We need some!
  10. Yep, crazy as loons! Or is it bedbugs....? I favor the plan to split the state in 5 districts. I think the original plan was for 7. A state can dream...
  11. Two of my favorites as well. Such an embarrassment of riches in that era!
  12. Well, another one gone way too soon. Rest in peace, Malcolm Young. This has always been a favorite video. Not to mention how stunningly limber is the girl!
  13. Susan Strasberg would also have been very good in the role. She played it on Broadway and was nominated for a Tony Award. Not sure if she was considered for the part, but she certainly should have been. She was petite and young looking, so surely could have pulled off the look. Well, just goes to show how fickle show business can be.
  14. Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween. About half an hour left here, so perfect time for almost 3 hours of "Ghost Riders in the Storm," with an eclectic cast of characters. A local radio radio station played a few hours of versions one Halloween night, and I was hooked. A new tradition. Anyone have a favorite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ng33Pi_Pg
  15. All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.

  16. Just watching local coverage of the fires. Two dozen fires burning, 23 dead, many missing, 3500 houses and buildings burned, thousands evacuated and in shelters, animals displaced or in shelters, dangerous air quality, exhausted firefighters. A man was kneeling in the rubble of his property wondering how he would tell his children their house is gone. The worry is that the fires will converge and that could be catastrophic. At least the winds have died down a bit, good news for now.
  17. That's wrong? Oh, dear. Sort of makes you wonder what other faux pas you've committed!
  18. Did you happen to see the clip of a football stadium of people in his native Florida singing along to "I Won't Back Down?" Very moving tribute.
  19. Yet again Sparks--the brothers Ron and Russell Mael--have been dissed, despite their 40 plus years performing, and serving as an influence for many bands. Maybe next year, but I don't feel optimistic. Quality rarely trumps commerciality. Strange also it's taking so long for the Moody Blues to be inducted.
  20. Yet another musician gone too soon, Tom Petty at age 66. Hard to choose a song, but this has always been a favorite. I like how he had smiles or cute exchanges with the Heartbreakers. Tom Petty, 1950 - 2017.
  21. Had been hearing bits of this song in a commercial and finally figured out it is Harry Nilsson's "Jump Into the Fire." Maybe decades since I've heard it, but it holds up well. In the commercial it sounds like something maybe written today. Not the greatest sound in this clip from a 1974 horror movie, but it features many a luminary, most of them now gone:
  22. My favorite of his. Someone (in Wiki, maybe?) described it as the "first existential country song."
  23. Watched a Monterey Pop Festival anniversary special on PBS--50 years ago this month! Found the bands and set lists on a website and was struck by how many performances, and even bands, didn't make it into the documentary. So much great music, too much I guess. Alas, this from Neil and Buffalo Springfield didn't make it. Couldn't find the footage from Monterey--maybe--horrors!--it hit the cutting room floor:
  24. I'm with you, GSW in six. Very exciting! And now Coach Kerr is back, or so we hope.
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