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  1. Have not seen that many of her films now that I think of it...but "I Want To Live" will always stand out, to me, as her best...
  2. Gloria Swanson for Sunset Boulvard.. John Wayne should have been nominated for "The Cowboys" and should have been nominated and won for "The Shootist"
  3. Many TV shows are classic and fondly remembered because of the people who played them...and other people in those roles simply doesn't work! Can you imagine a "Friends" movie without the original "Friends" cast? Can a "Seinfeld" movie be done without the "Seinfeld" cast? Witness the falling on its face of "The Beverly Hillbillies" movie of some years ago...the people in the cast were all talented enough, but to us..they simply weren't the 'real' Clampetts. Like it or not...movies and Televison seem to be two different genres of entertainment,(closely related...yes..but not the same) and what works for one does not necnessarily work for the other.
  4. That's Hedly "Don't worry, its 1895, you can sue HER" Hehe thought that when I typed it...
  5. no special order.. Rita Hayworth Ingrid Bergman (suprised she has not been mentioned more often..) Eleanor Parker Susan Hayward Hedy Lamarr...(knew I had misspelled it..) Louise Brooks Grace Kelly Sophia Loren Janet Leigh Yevonne DeCarlo Edited by: waynemcdowell on Jan 24, 2011 1:31 PM Edited by: waynemcdowell on Jan 24, 2011 1:32 PM
  6. "You have never hear someone calling John Wayne a wet-nurse, LOL!" well..not more than once anyway.... Edited by: waynemcdowell on Jan 17, 2011 12:39 PM
  7. Including most of the older ones..but on thing gripes me big time about them is the lack of realism...Watched, a day or two ago, "Along Came Jones" with Gary Cooper and Loretta Young..Everybody is so neat and clean...Miss Young is always and I mean ALWAYS perfectly made up..regardless of the circumstances... Good movies but I wish a little realism had gone along with them...
  8. I've been staying out of this..but I am finally going to chime in...I'm not a real big MM fan..she was undeniably sexy, true, and I've read of her intelligence before..(Jayne Mansfield was another "bombshell" who was also supposedly very intelliegent but also used the "dumb blonde" persona), but I have never though much of Marilyn's dramatic acting talent...having said that, I will also hasten to add that I think she had a real gift for comedy...but as far as her drama movies..no, not so much. As for Ms Dahl's comments I don't think they were meant hurtfully. Maryiln was one who was "on" much of the time..and she may well have been playing dumb blonde with a misunderstood joke, or (this is also possible) it could have been one of those dumb remarks even intelligent people make now and then, and everyone makes them occasionally, or some part of the conversation led her to honestly believe that they were talking actually talking about Whitman's chocolate, which caused Marilyn to then indulge herself in a classic "open mouth-insert foot" moment... Arlene Dahl is merely reporting what she heard/saw..so I don't think she should be penalized for it..
  9. Acorrding to "The James Bond Encyclopedia" Originally the producers of the Bond series did not think a Britsh actor could cut it with American audiences...so one actor considered for 007 was none other than James Stewart! Good lord can you picture what a disaster THAT would have been? "Ah---ah..hello..I'm Bond..Jimmy Bond...and..uh...I'd like you to meet my collegue, Harvey..."
  10. oh and let's not forget "number one with a bullet".. you, nor any animals, (horses in westerns particularly) ever, ever have to go the bathroom... 19th century streets are always perfectly clean and neat...neither is there any smoke or dust from the constant use of coal..
  11. TCM ran a marathon of the March of Time pieces yesterday..(Jan 1,2011) And man I for one was thrilled to see them...Wonderful look back at time when major historical events were still in future and from the perspective of that time as well... Lets see more of that!
  12. ...in the silent genre..An early Hitchcock, called "The Lodger." I've heard of it and how "Hitch" used some marvelous camera work in it...but never seen it. Any ideas?
  13. Sorry but I ain't buying this..not totally, anyway. If the point of the article you quote is to prove that a man with a shoulder wound is unlikely to put his arm in a sling, calmly mount his horse and then ride off into the sunset or after the bad guys, then yes I agree 100%. The human shoulder is an intricate joint with a fairly complicated arrangement of bone, muscle, tendons etc. A 250 grain lead bullet hitting at 800 feet per second, (the muzzle velocity of the old .45 Colt cartridge) is going to cause extensive serious and (very) painful damage. But if the point was to show that the .45 and .44-40 cartridges of the the Old West were the equivelent of a19th century death ray. Sorry but it ain't necessarily so... It has been shown and proven..time and time again that the human body can be hit by far more lethal missles than can be fired by any handgun, "tradtional" or modern and survive. There is, in the Harvard Medical Museum a skull in which, during some sort of contruction accident, a crowbar was blown through. The man did not even lose conciousness. During the Vietnam War, I saw a man hit by several rounds in the chest from an AK-47, and he did not go down..not immeditately at least. I personally,on another occasion, put two rounds of 00 buckshot into the chest of a North Vietnamese soldier at the range of 10-12 yards and neither did he go down right away. I have also seen a modern .44 magnum handgun bullet hit a 125 lb. whitetail deer in the chest without the deer losing its feet. Handguns bullets simply do not have the power to knock people off their feet! In the case of some of the examples you mention, Virgil Earp was shot by a shotgun, but still walked away, though he had one arm crippled for life. Billy the Kid was shot directly through the heart by Pat Garrett, and Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok were both shot directly in the back of their heads at close range. (Interesting historical note: Jack McCall, the murderer of Hickok was chased after the shooting and ran snaping his pistol at his pursuers, though the gun did not fire. After his capture, it was found that the only 'fireable' cartridge in the revolver was the one that killed Hickok.) And the .45 and similar cartidges of fame are very defintely lethal weapons, and would kill a man very quickly with no trouble at all...But they were not necessarily "always fatal' by any means.
  14. Is there such a thing as a Film Noir that is NOT black and white?
  15. ...a movie that very seldom shows up on any of the movie channels is the 1955 Kirk Douglas movie, "The Racers" co-starring Lee J. Cobb, Gilbert Roland, Cesar Romero and Bella Davi...As a movie, it is no great deal, but you remember the movies also offer historical windows into their respective eras, then it is pretty interesting, since this is a look at European professional road racing, (sports and grand prix cars) in the early 1950s...This was a time of no flame proof uniforms (the great English driver Sir Stirling Moss often raced in a knit 'polo' shirt, Fangio and Ascari wore tee-shirts), no seat belts, no fuel cell gas tanks, and no run off areas on the tracks. You go off the road at Spa and you hit a telephone pole or a stone building...at the Nubergring, you hit a tree. Ascari once broke through the barrier at Monaco and wound up in the Mediterranean Sea! The Racers and the 1967 Grand Prix show the danger of the racing profession of those days. And I, for one, would like to see it. How about it, TCM?
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