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  1. *I guess I spoke to soon about the "Suggest a Movie" site being fixed. I really thought it was or I woudnt have posted my other message,sorry about that.I enjoy so much seeing all the movies that others have posted, but its not very pleasant when its the way it is right now.I hope the problem will be fixed soon,that would be great.*
  2. *I just wanted to say Thank you for fixing the "Suggest a Movie" Site.At least I hope it will stay fixed, because I have enjoyed looking at all the movies suggested by others when before it was so difficult to tell what had been posted..And I just bet that I am not the only one that has been enjoying it a lot more now. .Thank you again..*
  3. *I suggest movies on here often,but I have noticed that the dates are not correct when I go to check to see other movies that have been posted.Just a little while ago it went from May12th all the way back to April 14th,and there are no pages listed in between,what happened?Its been like this for a while now.And I was just wondering if the site might be fixed in the near future,because I always enjoy looking at all the suggested movies from others.Thank you for taking the time to read my message.......nan10*
  4. It's nice to know that you like this wonderful movie as much as I do.. I hope it's shown more than the one time,it would be a shame if it wasn't..
  5. *I am not sure if this is the right place to leave this message or not,I hope so..I wanted to say Thank You to whoever chooses the movies to be shown on TCM for showing this charming,delightful,heartwarming movie that was on earlier tonight..The movie "Margie" has always been my very favorite and for some time I had hopes that one day TCM would show it and I finally got my wish, and oh how pleased I was to watch it tonight,you made my Christmas extra special!..Again,thank you so much for showing it and I hope that it will be shown again in the near future so that those who missed it tonight
  6. *A Happy Thanksgiving to you also *
  7. *There are two that I think I would choose.I have always loved the 1951 version of "The Christmas Carol" with Alastir Sim,and "Christmas In Connecticut" with the terrific Barbara Stanwyck.*
  8. *I was hoping to have heard something back by now from TCM as to when they think that the "Suggest a Movie" site possibly might be fixed..I really enjoy posting movies, but half of those I post I cant even find because of the messed up dates.It would be so nice to see this site all straightened and working again for everyone that enjoys it .....Thank you,nan10*
  9. *Thank you for letting people know that someone is working on the "Suggest A Movie" problem.It is very appreciated...nan10*
  10. *I see that "Suggest a Movie" site is still having a problem..And I can see that I am not the only one that has noticed it,how could you not!.The pages are all messed up,they skip from the date today to several days back, and there are no dates in between?When I post new movies and go on to see what others have posted and then go back to page one, the movies that I just posted dont even show,in fact a different date other then todays date is showing..The only way to even see page one and the movies I posted is to hit the refresh button.Could you please get this fixed,PLEASE.I would enjoy th
  11. *I see that the "Suggest A Movie" site is having a problem again.I thought it had been fixed but it is doing the same thing.The dates are all messed up again and I cant see what is posted on certain dates at all..I hope that you can get it straightened up soon..Thanks,nan10*
  12. I was pleased to find that the "Suggest A Movie" site had been straightened up a few days ago, but I thought I would mention that the dates are now messed up,hopefully it will get straightened up again..
  13. *And I agree with you Frank......Ohio about the advertisments..*
  14. *The "Suggest A Movie" site has been fixed...I am so pleased!. .Thanks to whoever got it straightened up,I appreciate it so much,along with many others I am sure..*
  15. *I don't know if its just me or if others have been having a problem with the Suggest a Movie site?..I have no problem posting movies at all as I posted one earlier today. and it showed up fine,so thats not the problem..But when I go to page 2 to look at some of the other movies posted, the dates all say (July20th )so what happened to the dates in between I have no idea?Then when i get to page 10 all that is there is a lot of weird writing and the rest of the pages are the same way..I am so pleased that Suggest A Movie is back but what is going on? And are others having this problem also?? I
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