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  1. I will say Marilyn Monroe was effective in what she was asked to do for most of her career but I do believe she played the dumb blonde over and over again. A lot of the movies were the same version of the dumb blonde with something new to do. Again she was great at it but they were literally playing on her sex appeal in just about every movie. She was top billed in Niagra but yet I'm still loving Jean Peters performance over hers. With Gentlemen Prefer Blondes I'm looking at Jane Russell. We can't be naive and say that these vehicles weren't made to show of Marilyn's figure and poke fun
  2. I will say just about any Hitchock movie used music to move the story forward. Spellbound, Psycho, North by Northwest, and Stage Fright come to mind as excellent examples. The Thin Man might have been the movie most affected by music if not by a single instrument. Kiss Me Deadly Home Alone
  3. What are your favorite musical acts in non-musicals? I'll post a few of mine below. I'll warn you that some of these are campy but I like them haha. Vanity performing Seventh Heaven in The Last Dragon - She wasn't the greatest singer but she was absolutely beautiful. This scene sets her up just like it's supposed to as the alluring celebrity that's close enough to touch but just out of reach. Rita Hayworth - Put the Blame on Mame (Acoustic) - I've heard somewhere that this is actually her voice in this one. I can't find the the interview she did when she mention
  4. Hi Lady Lewyn. If you have Comcast/Xfinity you can always watch all the movies On Demand for probably a 4 days to a week after. So this weeks movies you should be able to watch them to the end of this week and the beginning of next. I'm not sure how any other cable provider works but maybe it works the same way.
  5. I don't think the blackface in Swing Time was nearly as bad as Holiday Inn. If Bing had the same makeup style that Fred used in Holiday Inn, it may not have been as cringe-worthy. I also think it's the fact that it's Bing Crosby (Mr. All American Guy, Mr. Always on the Right side of things) is using blackface that causes a lot of the problem. What are we to think of Bing for this? What did he really feel about it? I think the Louise Beavers character is horrible in the film and completely unnecessary to be honest. But, again black performers were put in these situations for easy comic re
  6. I was hoping we'd hear more about Rita during the 1940's decade. I love to watch her dance. Hopefully we'll hear a lot about Cyd Charisse in the '50s decade!
  7. You're not alone in this. How about more Rita Hayworth and less Judy Garland? I love Judy and all but I'd prefer to hear Helen Forrest or Anita Ellis sing haha. The Nicholas Brothers were great and it's a shame they weren't able to be in films a bit more. I would've also loved to see them with Dorothy Dandridge as well (I believe she was married to one of them at some point.) It must have been a tough life on some of the black performers back then because on one hand you want to be in the films but on the other hand you know you're kind of being used as a novelty act and have to go home
  8. Well it's just a fictional novel not a movie script. Although it's kind of written like a an old radio play. It definitely wouldn't have been made back then but now I think people are more accepting so I guess it could work
  9. My manuscript, JUST A COUPLE OF DAMES, about two actresses that fall in love with each other during 1940s Hollywood is in a contest for the Backspace Writers Conference. Of course with being classic film fans I'd like your vote, but if you don't like what you see and you like to read please vote for others on the site! JUST A COUPLE OF DAMES is entry #94 but as I said there are a lot of great entries and you may enjoy being a "judge" in your own right. http://www.backspacewritersconference.com/2013-backspace-writers-conference-scholarship-contest/ Thanks in advance and enjoy!
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