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  1. If only you were there Lorna to rescue Ted. Let's face it Nancy was using her whip more than Indiana Jones.
  2. It's a good thing we have Geraldine Chaplin to care about.
  3. Can anybody tell me why Laura's mother tried to commit suicide? Didn't she push Laura into Rod's arms?
  4. If only every commie had a Melvyn Douglas to make them laugh.
  5. Here's another question, did Alec Guiness really have to play a teenager?
  6. If only the Sandman didn't visit 97.3% of the population when Zhivago plays.
  7. Peter O'Toole as Laura is thinking: how am I going to win best actress when Rod Steiger is stealing my thunder?
  8. Here's a theory, Julie Christie and Peter O'Toole look like they could be siblings (In my opinion). What if O'Toole told Lean he wouldn't play Zhivago, but he would play Laura. Add a wig and make everyone else where lifts in their shoes and the world would never know.
  9. Speaking of anachronisms, anyone else notice the hair? Then again beehives might have been all the rage during the revolution.
  10. I think it's safe to say that the most agree that the music, backgrounds, and cinematography are brilliant. It just seems that the characters and plot ruin the movie. I agree that the characters running around are hard to like, but come to think of it most of Lean's characters are very flawed. Do you think people dislike Zhivago's characters more than Lean's others? If so why?
  11. I think that one reason Zhivago is not as well liked as other Lean pictures is that the movie seems to come off smug. It just seems to have an overblown feel to it, almost as if you should like it because it is a David Lean picture. But to me the only characters that were cared for were Tonya and Pasha (even though he was a commie). To bad they didn't end up together. I still think Pasha could have lived if he had ran away, he must have been in shape from all that lonely long distance running. As someone said there is nothing wrong with loving Zhivago, after all I watch That Hagen Girl fo
  12. A good point made was there was no chemistry between Shariff and Christie. The movie is billed as an epic love story, spanning years and frostbite. Why? Why do Zhivgo and Laura like each other more importantly, why do we like them? Although I must say the music is magical.
  13. What's odd to me is that in an interview with the main cast, they all agreed that many people had told them how great Dr. Zhivago was. They said the film had impacted their lives, all two of them.
  14. It seems to me that when people bring up their least favorite movie Dr. Zhivago always comes up. So I figured we should Discover why we dislike it so much. Please tell me I'm not alone in wishing David Lean had stuck to warm places.
  15. I don't care who you are, anyone who sits through and enjoys Dr. Zhivago needs to pull a Tonya and leave the country.
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