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  1. Does anyone know what the flowers are in Suzy's yard that Juliet walks through when returning the cat? I have searched everywhere for what they may be, from searches that make sense to doing random searches like ufo flower, italy white orchids, etc. The flower description: thin white delicate petals forming a bowl head with tall super skinny stems that are so thin that at first glance at the film it appears as though the flowers are floating midair. Anyone?
  2. !#!!#!Saw the Dahl on MM Word of Mouth segment again yesterday, much to my dismay, to advert MM programming showcase for last nite/this morning. I remembered I posted about it a while ago so I popped in to see my orig post and ... wow ... it took on a life of it's own. hope everyone had a good time and it was wonderful to see people respecting each other, laughing and sharing opinions. In anything I take the time to post, to answer a question asked soon after the original post "Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Are you for real?" yes...I am very much for real: a real strongly verbose opinionated classic film lover and elitist film snob that when overcome with strong opinion or see what I view as an injustice, I act on it. Though I am religious I fail to see what "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" have to do with my post. ] To those who thought I'd been run off, heck no...I just "don't do" message boards often. I did join the film union a bit ago & set up a profile where I given even stronger opinions about films than here, if you can believe that's possible. I am not a regular MB reader; I use it to post things that I find important and love to read what others think about the same topic. Was great reading how many different views there were/are about the segment and how many feel similar to me and how many others opposite or feel nothing about it. Everyone is so different, it's always great to learn who thinks similiarly as well as opposite. Communication is the only way to really bridge the gaps between people, cultures and nations. And to TCM Programmers, I still believe the Dahl piece should be pulled because it continues to foster an *image* of Marilyn that is untrue, unlike any of the other pieces TCM airs. If you need interviews about Marilyn, take them from EPKs that Turner owns the film rights to in conjunction to the title film. There are spectacular interviews about Marilyn on Some Like It Hot and even available for Something's Got To Give, just to name 2. For those wondering...I'm not a mega MM fan. I just don't like to see something I view as wrong or an injustice to someone who can no longer defend herself when there are other ways to get interviews that perform the advertising necessity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Let's look for ways to take care of one another rather than look for ways to take advantage of one another."~~~Oceanchick99isms ~~~Laone08isms (both are me)
  3. I recently sent this email to TCM to ask them to remove a segment they are airing a lot recently from rotation. If you feel the same, please contact TCM and ask them to remove the segment. This is my very first post on the TCM message boards and my first contact to TCM, so I feel very strongly about this. If you feel the same, please take action. If not....oh well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been a proud, loyal and praising TCM fan for so many years I cannot remember life without it. As a film historian, elitist film snob and classic film aficionado I have always been 100% committed to TCM's purpose, *but* this past week I saw and keep seeing something so distasteful that for the first time ever, I feel I should contact TCM. I recently saw the ?Word of Mouth? segment with Arlene Dahl discussing an incident at a party at Mickey Mantle?s home at which Marilyn Monroe was in attendance. The segment relates an anecdote of Marilyn overhearing a conversation about Walt Whitman, and entering the discussion assuming, according to the anecdote, that the topic is Whitman?s Chocolates. Arlene describes this as a ?gaffe? with the obvious implication that Marilyn didn?t know who Walt Whitman was and embarrassed herself and the entire party with her ignorance. I am quite surprised this "Word of Mouth" segment is being aired because it is perpetuating a false stereotype, something that I thought TCM was against. Up until this segment, it was my impression that TCM reported and shared truths, not stereotypes, and there is indeed a difference in the Arlene Dahl segment. While the anecdote itself may be true, TCM should not be airing anecdotes that characterize and slander an actress who suffered enough with that in her lifetime. Marilyn was a very well read person who was rarely seen without a book of some kind in her hand. In fact, there is a photo in ?Fragments? [Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe; Buchthal and Comment, 2010] on page 122 of Marilyn reading Walt Whitman?s "Leaves of Grass" in 1951, which is almost certainly before Marilyn would have attended the Mickey Mantle party (since she did not meet Joe DiMaggio, Mantle?s teammate, until 1952). Thus Marilyn obviously knew who Walt Whitman was and her statement was clearly a joke, not as a ?gaffe?. I?m sure it would surprise Ms. Dahl that Marilyn did not read children?s fiction, but rather many prominent literary authors: James Joyce, Heinrich Heine, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, Samuel Beckett, Albert Camus, Jack Kerouac, John Milton, Gustave Flaubert, Khalil Gibran and others. It is said that Marilyn owned over 200 works of literature, all of which she read and could discuss. Many photos of her library and of her reading can be found in the book ?Fragments? as well as a magazine article in November 2010 issue of Vanity Fair. Despite the types of roles she often played on screen, Marilyn was far from the dumb blonde in real life. In fact, she was pretty much the polar opposite of the gay party girl she often portrayed, spending the bulk of her life in constant therapy and self-analysis. Marilyn was often snubbed and looked down on by her peers as being ignorant, but this was not the case, and TCM should not be lowering itself to the level of the National Enquirer to participate and perpetuate such ignorance about Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn?s feelings were often hurt when people summed her up as stupid simply because she sometimes played such characters in films. By allowing this ?Word of Mouth? segment to continue rotation, TCM is stabbing Marilyn through the heart every time it airs. Please consider removing this "Word of Mouth" segment from rotation.
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