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  1. Oh, I guess I AM guilty of changing channels as soon as the movie is over. Thanks for the info. I had no idea it has been running so long. It is an ad though, just the same.
  2. I've just seen the new ad on TCM for the first time. One of the last statements made was "I don't pray before I go to bed... I turn on TCM ." What kind of moron thought this was a good thing to throw into the mix? Do they think a statement like that will get more viewers? Do they think it sounds KEWL? Are they saying that TCM is their God? I don't get it. I watch old movies because, unlike newer movies, they seem mostly free from this type of modern hedonistic, ignorant, P.C. dribble. Is there no escape from immorality being shoved in our faces? This is only the 3rd time I h
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