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  1. Here is a duo I discovered for myself this morning - the Duncan Sisters Some of you may already know them or know of them, or even seen their early talking musical "It's a Great Life" on TCM some time ago. I only learned of them today, and found out in the process that said movie has a color sequence that has been restored since TCM showed it. The Warner Archives DVD got two five-star reviews on Amazon. Maybe we can get TCM to show it again in its full version.
  2. Here's a Jukebox tune that's beloved of Laurel and Hardy fans -- "At the ball, that's all." The rhythms in this recording are much squarer than when they danced to it, over twenty years later, in "Way out West" while a cowboy ensemble sang it. But if you ever wanted to be able to understand all the lyrics, they are delivered here with impeccable diction.
  3. Call me a fiend (please), but I'm thinking of one much darker: "So Well Remembered."
  4. One by one I've been watching and enjoying them, Miles. Finding nice little touches in each. The ones I've seen so far are in fact so short that the directors don't seem to have found time to develop the characters and plot lines that you think are going to bloom into bigger conflicts. Like the Duke's character and his cousin in "Hell Town." Multiple potential conflicts there (which I won't go into so as not to spoil the movie for others), but it all ends amicably. There really are no conflicted characters in the ones I've seen yet -- a character is either all bad or he's a decent guy who
  5. Sorry, Metz. No one comes to her birthday party.
  6. Postscript: I broke the plastic and watched "His Private Secretary" yesterday, as it was the one I was expecting to like least -- a Rom-Com in a non-Western setting. Instead I found some things to enjoy in it. Production values are terrible, particularly the sound. I think this is what puts "B" movies in a lower category, as Wayne's female lead Evalyn Knapp plays well and at one point smiles in a way that reminded me of Irene Dunne. Most of the film's budget may have gone on the car Wayne drives. (I believe he says it's a Shaw.) That, and the 1930's gas station he buys, make the film wa
  7. Thank you all for some good and honest advice. I have decided to keep the set and watch the movies gradually over time, one after another as I feel like watching one. There was a local access program in this area (until Verizon dropped it) that showed "B" westerns and western serials from the 30's, introduced by a very knowledgeable host, that I enjoyed watching. That and your comments make me think I could probably find some things of interest in these films, too.
  8. I need some advice from fans who know John Wayne's early work better than I. For my birthday, some people very dear to me gave me a "John Wayne Collection" of 10 DVD's, thinking it would be a big hit (so I acted like it was). But I read down the list of "22 films in all!" listed on the cover, the only title of which I recognized was "'Neath Arizona Skies," and realized they were all early movies of his from the early-to-mid-30's. I believe they were purposely packaged this way to lure the unsuspecting. Now, the Duke is one of my favorites, and has been for many years, for films like "Fo
  9. Tor Johnson was in another movie besides "Plan 9 from Outer Space"?!
  10. Haven't checked YouTube yet, but from the plot description, that sounds like the one. Even as a nine-year old, I would have known Arthur Franz from the TV series "World of Giants" (with Marshall Thompson) and the many other B-movies he appeared in. Thank you for rescuing a childhood memory. This is a great thread, BTW.
  11. This thread is so encyclopedic (and funny), I'm wondering if you can help me find a really bad horror film based on a single scene in my faded memory. (I would have seen this over 40 years ago, when I was allowed to stay up late every Friday and Saturday night to watch the monster movies on our local stations.) There was this giant eyeball, just one, not attached to anything else. I think it was submerged, but I'm not sure. There were people moving around near it, maybe walking, maybe swimming. There may have been their submarine or spacecraft nearby. The eye was evil, of course.
  12. Robert Taylor? I recall he hosted "Death Valley Days" for a while. And he certainly appeared with Greta Garbo. But I can't make all the clues fit, including the occasional horror picture.
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