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  1. Every time there is a Marx brothers marathon, 'The Cocoanuts' is not included. Why?
  2. I like Charles Middleton as Ming the Merciless in the Flash Gordon serials. A very bad guy.
  3. I don't understand the reason for announcing what short has already aired without being listed on the TCM schedule. It is of no use until I can achieve time travel. Why bother? Hasn't the horse already left the barn?
  4. I've seen Abandon Ship many times. TCM, how about showing Lifeboat. Same story, different cast.
  5. Shorts are back this AM, but for how long?
  6. I like Pinky Lee and Pee Wee Herman, method actors in the Brando type.
  7. It seems that SHORTS are no longer shown in the daily or weekly schedule. This happened after the Upgrade but then reappeared. WHY! It does no goog to read posts such as "Unlisted short aired today" since I cannot go back in time to watch them. Perhaps someone from TCM can explain this omission.
  8. I just don't understand why the shorts cannot be shown in the daily or weekly movie schedule. After the famous upgrade they disappeared completely, then after much discussion on the messageboards they reappeared. Now they have disappeared again. Can someone from TCM explain why they cannot be included in the schedule? It doesn't help at all to read a thread telling me what unlisted short played yesterday or showing a list of shorts that that have already shown. Of what help is that?
  9. How about John in Svengali (1931). I think its been more than a year since it was on TCM. I screwed up on trying to record it and I've been waiting for it to show again.
  10. I don't know if anyone can compare with Charles Middleton as the Emperor Ming in the Flash Gordon serials.
  11. You didn't hear it yourself, did you? Sounds like third person rumor to me.
  12. My guess is they'll show it the next time they show it.
  13. My gosh, all he does is introduce movies. Really, what's not to like.
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