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  1. Thanks again for trying, but the movie I remember was not a comedy and George Hamilton was not in it. I just can't get that sword fight scene with the orchestra playing that Steiner music at or near the end of the film out of my mind. And I can't remember any other details. Frank
  2. Thanks for trying, but it was not Robin Hood. I can still hear that Steiner theme being played by a large orchestra. Believe me, I've already searched and searched, with no luck. I've even tried going through movie releases by year looking for any title that might suggest a medieval adventure film. I saw many and checked them out, but none were the right one. Hope I wasn't dreaming Frank
  3. Sorry, but I don't remember the title or any of the actors (it must be 30 or 40 years since I last saw it on tv - maybe longer). But I do remember two things: 1) there was a dramatic sword duel at or near the end of the movie. And the music played during the duel was that same Max Steiner tune as the main theme in Errol Flynn's "Adventures of Don Juan" (and quite a few other old movies), but played by a full orchestra and much more vibrantly than in other films. You can find this tune at 6:08 minutes into 2) the duel was inside an old castle (or similar place) and during one part of the duel, you could see the shadow(s) of the actors on the wall as the duel proceeded. I remember saying to myself that technique was used in another movie I had just seen. The one I remember was on a wall or doors (like the sequence from that 1937 movie duel between Douglas Fairbanks and Raymond Massey - that is approx 4:44 minutes into that clip), but that movie is missing the music that I so vividly remember Does anyone have any ideas?
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