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  1. Thanks I see now, it is just a Temporary venue set up for the TCM Festival. And it is a bit pricey as I just reviewed the cost of the Passes to the TCM Film Festival. Not sure how that " Cyber space" fits. Thanks again
  2. Is there a Club TCM and If so is it a Bar or What? Thanks, bwande
  3. Is it just my imagination or do the Newspapers in the 1930's and 1940's just look large or was the actual size reduced to the size of today's Newspaper.
  4. Dang Dargo, Sorry about, LOL. Well it looks like I loose that one hands down. Hey, I like the way you said it better. LOL ( I guess I need to start reading the entire thread before posting) ( Or maybe I did and thats were I got it...) LOL
  5. Cluny Brown, I must agree, I love that Movie. I Love the line where Cluny says " Oh it just make me want to roll up my sleeves, roll down my stocking, get under the sink and BANG BANG BANG "
  6. Y'all are Funny. And Yes there are " Two types of TCM viewers" . Those Who complain, and those Who complain about those Who complain. LOL Wait that makes Three, " Those who Laught at, Those Who complain and Those Who complain about Those Who complain" LOL
  7. bOb39 Yout' , what did you say? Yout'. Yout', is that what you said? What is a Yout'..................................... LOL. NOW that is FuNNy. I guess that should be moved to the " Favorite Line in a Movie " thread . LOL YOUR KILLING ME, Thanks bOb39.
  8. Are You Kidding Me.....? So thats the Problem. People today Vote for Good Looking Liars. NO wonder this country is in the this Downward Spiral. Plus to me Harry Truman just looks like a Man, No Cary Grant but he just an average Man and I have no Problem with that.
  9. Hey bOb, how about a Pirate on one of the old Pirate Ships would have to be way up the scale too. Patch on one eye and a knife between your Teeth. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR MATE, THAT BE TOPS TOO....
  10. Wow, this one had me going. At first I thought if your going to be an Extra why would you care what movie it was but then bOb saved the Day. How cool would that be to be a Cowboy Extra, Man those guys could Ride. Chase them Indians or Be an Indian. Ride at break neck down hill like is Snowy Creek.... that would have to be the Ultimate... Way to Go .... bOb
  11. Wow, you just have to love that Name, "Entwhistle", So Kool. Wasn't that one of the characters name in " Monkey Business" .
  12. I really Loved the Sunshine Song that used to come on in between the movies. Not it is just a few bass notes and some boring graphics. BRING BACK THE SUNSHINE SONG.
  13. In the CFU blog there is a tribute to Kate and I just posted that she is the most well known and awarded actress that gets the most negative comments and referenced the 'message boards' all before reading these latest comments. Clearly Kate is #1 when to comes to being a polarizing force. While I can see why her manners and speech can be irritating I love her. She was in so many great movies (Holiday being my favorite). Of course I'm sure her distractors would say those movies would of been even better if some other actress was the star. I just don't think that would be the case. bwan
  14. Well that Rates a 10 in " Makes no Sense " Category. Hanoi Jane is a Traitor to Our Country and that is why I refuse to watch anything she is in. Not sure if you had a point out side of Pure Confusion. Yet another Tool.
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