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  1. Memphis...as Mae West wud say "one of those hot places".. & big hey 2 Jody Lane - as close as any other noir fan is - so far.
  2. Loved the way Jane looked w the clothes brought 2 her from England & w/o! Gotta agree she was pre-code sexy. And Jean Harlow shud Never b overlooked! Safe in hell did cross my mind @ 1st. But agree that it was more decanant than sexy. Another 1 that shud b on the list is Claudette Colbert in Sign of the CrOSS & Cleopatra.
  3. There is very little I don't like about TCM. I do wish Robert & Ben (they seem like my buds) wud say a little more when they introduce films. I can't get enuf of that trivia info they know so well. And that definitely goes for the essentials. And..to tell the truth, as much as I enjoy Sally Field, I have been disappointed in their movie choices so far.
  4. There were 2 which seemed as tho they were gonna b pilots for a series in which Elizabeth Montgomery plaed Edna Buchanan - a reporter in miami. True stories (more or less) with gr8 casts. I believe she became right after..they were both gr8 & I was hoping for more. And wud definitely enjoy seeing her & the movies again.
  5. Gotta go w Kay Francis on the sextiest pre-code star. In Mandalay as Spot White, Teri in Jewel Robbery, Joan in One Way Passage & that sexy french lady in Trouble in Paradise - nobody looked so good in clothes w no visible means of support!
  6. Watching The Letter this morning, I'm reminded of seeing part of a William Wyler roast on TV many years ago. Bette then told Wyler that she still hated the ending. Does anyone know what she meant by that?
  7. Loved the movie - but didn't care for Boogie's POV. It didn't sound as though he were in the scene and I didn't care for the camera angle (my POV). I loved Lady in the Lake also - but felt the same about Rbt Mgm's voice nor the way Audrey Totter "tottered" her head at the camera -uh I mean Rbt. Besides, I'm one of those who wants to see the stars. And, yes, someone was right about it not being the movies they were without the " A list" stars who played the parts.
  8. if it's cruisin' movies that's wanting, Dodsworth or Gentlemen prefer Blondes shud do. I wud like to see Trouble in Paradise on a big screen surrounded by other filmgoers ala 1932.
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