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  1. Jimmy Jazz ( Clash reference?), I would buy it. Eventually, I expect the film itself will degrade no matter how carefully stored? There are only 4 films with B & B... I know LB is not considered among the greatest, and her volume of work is not remarkable. Whether it be outtakes, or unreleased studio or live recordings, there are a few bands and films that I want to hear/see everything in the studio vaults, or that people have secreted away in their personal treasure troves. I'm voracious that way, its an unsettled way of fandom. I feel as though I'm being deprived of things a truly devout fan should have access to. To my delight, some things have been released that I never in my wildest dreams envisioned. The Rhino box set of the Stooges album "Funhouse" is a perfect example. Every minute ( so we're told) of the studio sessions is preserved in perfectly mixed stereo. There is no shortage of beautiful women in The Big Sleep! Come to think of it, Hawks seemed to do a good job of surrounding himself with feminine pulchritude... It was all business, I'm sure. RJM
  2. TCMers, I watched "Bacall on Bogart" again recently. I was intrigued by a short segment discussing "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre." There is a screenshot of 3 strips of film, all showing a blooper where Bogart is unable to control his mule. I am assuming these were from backup cameras? Whatever their source, these strips of film were sitting somewhere doing nothing. I got the impression they were from Huston's private archives... Did Hawks use more than one camera when filming the B & B movies? More importantly, I am sure not every scene was nailed to everyone's satisfaction on the first take. The four B & B films may not be the greatest work anyone involved ever did, but they are all we have of them together, which makes them invaluable. Is there any chance WBA would go back and dig up every foot of film and transfer everything onto a collector's edition box set? These films are getting very old. Even under the best of conditions, they must be deteriorating. Has any vintage film ever been treated to such an extensive review? The 1945/46 alternate versions of The Big Sleep are a perfect example, and the additional footage was just what was included in the theatrical release. I'm certain there is more; any chance we will ever see it? RJM
  3. James, I have Carmen fitted for the murder as well. Although they dance ever so gingerly around the issue, it is obvious Carmen is a narcotics addict, and the logical assumption is the supplier was Geiger. Bogart makes a comment on how Carmen acts when she is refused something, so I can easily see her killing Geiger over a drug dispute. She also was known to carry a pistola, but then again not many people in the film didn't. Was the version shown to US troops the same as the pre-release version on the B side of the DVD? This has an attempted plot explanation in the DA's office, and is without the 1946 additions of Bogie and Bacall recreating some of the sexual innuendo laced banter that sparkled in THAHN. If this is not the case, that means there was/is a third version of the film!! As the team of Mr. and Mrs. Bogart only made the four films together, if only WBA could have combed the vaults for any additional material: Screen tests, outtakes, even bloopers, set photos, and perhaps even a pdf of the script and revision notes, etc... One would think the scenes required more than one take for any number of reasons. My preferences from the top: 1) TBS, 2) THAHN, 3) KL, 4) DP How about you? The gap between 1 and 2 is miniscule, and probably not worth mentioning. I don't feel as strongly as David Feldman did that the 1945 version would have been a disaster for WB/Bacall, but it is certainly a better film with the 1946 additions. This film and THAHN ignited an interest in Noir that has lasted 40+ years, the impact was so great. As the saying goes, "they don't make them like that anymore." RJM
  4. Hey All, I disagree with Letterman's POV re: the nebulous plot. I have seen this remark from many folks, ranging from film critics to fans and everyone in between. I will readily admit if you allow yourself to swept up in watching Bogie and Bacall, it could cloud your thinking. Lauren certainly clouds my thoughts, she is so strikingly radiant in this film. The BluRay DVD brings out details making her even more captivating, and the improved sound makes her voice all the more seductive. The additional scenes shot in 1946 by Hawks are particularly outstanding in 1080p. However, the BluRay offers no guidance on the plot conundrum. If you really follow the events of the film, you should have little trouble establishing the identity of the Sternwood's chauffeur's killer. The clues are all there, all but detailed for the viewer by a less than brilliant gun brandishing hood, "Joe Brody." The film hints at Geiger's sexual orientation, but does not dwell upon it. The character of Carmen Sternwood is a nice addition to this rogue's gallery, simultaneously capable of acts of naivete and street smart vindictiveness. I digress. I would welcome a dialog with anyone who feels the plot is simply beyond comprehension. It is reported as fact that even Raymond Chandler could not tell Hawks who killed the Sternwood's chauffeur, "Owen Taylor." What is true that although Taylor's character is listed in the credits, we never see anything of him other than a body covered by a sheet. I relish plots such as this compared to the simplistic drivel being featured in most major Hollywood films today. If you are a big fan of this movie, the BluRay is worth every penny. Noir never looked better, the shades of grey are endless, and the blacks are bottomless. Even the audio track is an upgrade, and what a joy to see the film with no digital artifacts- the film has been painstakingly restored frame by frame. This is my favorite Bogie/Bacall film, besting even the monumental "To Have and Have Not." I hope you find it the celluloid treasure that I do. RJM
  5. YES! THAHN, regrdless of not being on Warner Archive's upcoming release list, will be out on BluRay July 19. Now all 4 of LB/HB's films are available in 1080 rez. Huzzah!! I hope they did a masterful frame by frame restoration job, and had a pristine source to work from. It mystified me how the most popular (arguably) of all the LB/HB films would not be available in HD. Well, now it will be. It will take its place proudly next to my TBS BRDVD. Just imagine how the hotel's interior shots will look- this is going to be special. The stunning beauty of LB will be even more apparent. Thank you WBA! RJM
  6. I pay for Verizon's most expensive HD/SD FiOS TV programming package. Some 500 active channels, roughly 1/3 in 1080i HD. TCM is on channel #230, but it is a joke. It is in SD, adding to the insult is the fact the complete image takes up only about 40% of a standard 16:9 HD flat panel display. "The Longest Day" was actually shown in OAR- the whole image was there; but it was reduced greatly in size. Even the older 1.33:1 OAR films don't come close to filling most of the entire 16:9 display. I've been an advocate for broadcasting films in their OAR since the advent of HBO/SHO/etc..., but this is ridiculous. This is Verizon, serving the Philadelphia, PA area. As constituted, the present formatting is next to worthless. What is wrong with these providers? They butcher films: They take new 2.40:1 OAR releases and crop them to fill up the entire 16:9 screen, only a bit better than back in the early 80's when providers like Comcast would take a film like "Alien", and pan and scan it until it filled up the entire 1.33:1 display. Now they are "shrinking" films, giving you the entire OAR image, but "in miniature". The general public is so ignorant I see no complaints about it on the Verizon forums. They have no problems with a 2.40:1 sci-fi blockbuster being panned and scanned to eliminate the dreaded "black bars" of letterboxing. I try to explain they are being cheated out of up to 40% of the original image, but once again, there is no public outcry. I am spending way too much on entertainment/internet access to seek out another source of movie content that broadcasts all films in their OAR, which I understand is hit or miss anyway w/ services such as Roku, etc... Is this ridiculous TCM formatting happening anywhere else other than my area? RJM
  7. I double checked both versions. "Owen Taylor" is never seen, you don't even see his covered body as they are rolling him away on Lido Pier. He and Sean Regan, both important parts of the plot, are never seen. "Dan Wallace" appears in the opening credits, so must have fallen victim to the editing process, perhaps making room for the Jan 46 filmed Bogie and Bacall scenes. Hence my call for collector's editions of all the Bogie and Bacall films, I want to see everything that was captured on film. Everything. RJM
  8. The BIg Sleep and To Have and Have Not- I'd guess around 50-75 times each. Alien comes in after those two, with many viewings of The Thing (1981), Aliens, War Of The Roses, Predator, The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse. If this counts, all of the The Three Stooges w/ original Curly. Who knows how many times for those... RJM
  9. The Big Sleep Fans: I think we may have two characters mentioned in both the 1945 pre-release and 1946 cinema versions of the Raymond Chandler classic that are never seen. First, I'd like to say the Charles Feldman inspired reshoots and filming of additional LB/HB scenes in Jan of 1946 made this a worthy contender to "To Have And Have Not". It made a good film great; giving me, and I suspect most fans, more of the Bogie and Bacall sizzle the oozed from THAHN. I also do not feel the film's plot is quite as byzantine as some make it out to be. Aside from being distracted by LB's sultry beauty and snappy dialog, I did try to make sense of the plot twists and turns. In my viewings, it seems clear that Owen Taylor ( the second missing man ) killed Geiger. He evidently loved Carmen, so would have despised Geiger's Faustian influence on her. Joe Body admits to Marlowe that "he sapped Taylor and got the film". That works for me as a confession for pushing him in the Sternwood's car over Lido Pier. Anyway, never seeing Sean Regan is painfully obvious, as the film begins with Col. Sternwood hiring Marlowe to find Sean. However, we have all seen the butler, Norris, but what of Owen Taylor? I do not remember ever seeing him. Strange, an actor named Dan Wallace is listed as an "uncredited appearance" as Owen Taylor on IMDb. There are no tumbnails however. I think we may have a second missing character in T.B.S. What say you? RJM
  10. I know WBA can fickle about what is going to be released. TBS and KL were not on the BluRay WB Archives release list, and they said they had no plans to do so (in 2014). Now, TBS, KL and DP are all available on BluRay. Huzzah! Why is THAHN being passed over? Out of the four HB/LB films, THAHN has got to be the most important, and entertaining. It is surely a better film than Dark Passage, which WAS transferred to BluRay. There really should have been a 4 movie collector's BluRay box set, with each film having a dedicated disc of outakes, bloopers, set photos, commentaries, etc... The 480i DVD "Bogie & Bacall: The Signature Collection" contains few extras, which I'm certain true fans are eager to have. Does anyone know the rationale behind the omission of THAHN from the WBA BluRay releases? I hope they are saving the best for last, and will dazzle us with a deluxe edition. It is an historic film in many ways. The 480i video quality leaves a lot to be desired. Please email WBA and request this release. I am on their newsletter mailing list, and no mention has been made of a pending, or even under consideration, release of THAHN on BluRay. That is the one I really want to see in 1080p, pumping out about 35MB/sec of data. My biggest dread is that they simply don't possess a print of the film in good enough condition to properly upscale to BluRay specs. Seeing the film upgraded by the Faroujda chip in my high end BluRay player does not come close to a frame by frame restoration and upconversion. RJM
  11. For Camarks, The Painted Lady, All "The Big Sleep" Lovers, I thought you might enjoy the attached jpegs. Obviously my fascination with not only Lauren and this film runs very deep. I don't know if Bogie's health was already beginning to decline after "Key Largo", but certainly Jack Warner had to know he was sitting on the hottest couple in Hollywood. I wonder if any film historians know if other noir style film scripts were submitted to B&B, but were rejected for some reason? I wish so much they had starred in more Chandler/Hammett/Spillane style crime stories, directed by H.H., or D. Davies. They were pure magic together, I can't recall another film pairing that was more perfect. Bogie blows away other "hard boiled" P.I.s like Meeker's "Mike Hammer". He has the cynical edge, the toughness, but also a strong sense of morality and allows just enough empathy to show through, making his character much more believable, and of course his classic good looks. Combine that with Lauren's striking beauty, the combination of her sassy reparte' and class, jaded heart that can be accessed by the right man, runway-ready model's physique, that raspy low voice that just oozes sensuality, and you have the "dream couple".We will never see their likes again I fear, making their anemic cinematic output all that much of a lost opportunity. At least we do have their four films, of which "The Big Sleep", by a nose, is my favorite."To Have And Have Not" comes in a very close second. I hope you folks enjoy the jpegs, and thanks for endulging my rambling. RJM
  12. Hi Camarks, Thanks for your thoughts, hopefully someday the studio will dig up the most pristine copy of it they can find ( I would check the estates of people who owned the movie houses, the projectionists, everyone... Once located, I would then painstakingly transfer it to BluRay, along with their other 3 films. As far the TBS from the box set goes, the TBS disc is chock full of goodies. There is not only the Feldman inspired re-shoots and new material presented as the 1946 "official" release, but a UCLA film historian takes you through the differences scene by scene. Fascinating for anyone who has a love affair with the film as I do. Along with TBS goodies, there is of course short featurettes, a vintage WB cartoon parody of the THAHN's "You know how to whistle, don't you Steve"... scene. The thing I enjoyed second only to the TBS 1946 version and comparisons is the Mercury Theater radio broadcast of Bogie and Lauren reading their lines from THAHN. Priceless... If these things are not included in the 2 films per set versions for $9.99 from TCM, then for the real hardcore fans the box set is really the only way to go. All four BluRays is a nice dream to have, hopefully it will happen before too long. Thanks, RJM
  13. To "The Painted Lady": So nice to hear from a fellow traveler. If I may make a suggestion: TCM puts on sale two disc sets of the four films @ $9.99 for each two film set. As long as TBS has both the 1945 and 46 versions, that would be the cheaper way to go, expecially if your ordered bothsets at the same time. I paid well over $60 from Amazon to get the box set, which I have to admit has a fantastic picture of Bogie holding Lauren in a pre-kiss swoon on it, but I'd raher have saved the roughly $35.00. I have seen TCM put these two disc sets on sale several times in the last few years. I don't care if he had to wear lifts on his shoes to be taller than her, in the hall of celluoid heros/heroines, they are my all time favorites. It is a pity there isn't more of them together for us to enjoy. Thx, RJM
  14. Stargazing- May I put forth 2 alternate scenarios? Yes, Brody's story did not seem well grounded in reality, and his fidgety rendering of it to Marlowe did him no favors. I have two alternate murder suspects for 2 different characters: 1) The chauffer- remember Vivian said he was in love with Carmen. We have no idea what the man looked like or how he carried himself, but I think Carmen's awareness of her sexual allure probably inflated her ego to enormous proportions, given her childish temperment. If she was approached by the chauffer, who she considered in a lesser leauge than say Marlowe or scores of other men she could have at her whim, she may have become insulted and lashed out. She could be very cruel in her childishness when she didn't feel she was being treated fairly. I think it just as likely that Carmen killed the chauffer, giving Eddie Mars yet another reason to blackmail General Sternwood. 2) As for Geiger: I think the most likely candidate for his killer is Eddie Mars. I may be wrong, but I feel there are not so subtle hints that Geiger was a homosexual. If his young thuggish companion was his lover, and he obviously thought Brody, not Mars, killed Geiger. That is why he killed him. We all know he did it, and Marlowe even says as much ( "by the way Joe, you killed the wrong guy. Brody didn't kill Geiger"), as he throws him out of the car. I think Geiger and his young friend were lovers, and Joe mistakenly lashed out at Brody for Geiger's murder. Why else, if they were not lovers, would he be so enraged as to kill Brody? He had no interest in Carmen, the film, or the blackmailing of General Sternwood, at least that we know of. I think both scenarios make sense, what say all of you? Mars kills Geiger, and Carmen kills the chauffer. I've watched both 1945 and 1946 versions many, many times and they seem as plausible as any other theories. Fun to speculate though, is it not? I would love to hear other thoughts on my suspects. Thanks, RJM
  15. To Canvas Students and All "The Big Sleep" Lovers--- My favorite noir of all time. Not surprising as my first four are "To Have and Have Not", "The Big Sleep" "Dark Passage" and "Key Largo". The pattern here is obvious, Ms. Perske's "look" in those four films have been a source of enchantment for over 40 years now. I prefer the sassy, "dressed to kill" Lauren to the more plain, domesticated version of her in "Key Largo", where both her worldly ways and sexual allure are obviously not accentuated in that film, but her feminine perfection still shines through. Even though my copy of "TBS" has minor technical flaws ( soft, ill defined blacks, lack of crisp focus, varying degree of visual quality), it is still my favorite film. The opening sequence @ The Sternwood's, with Carmen's ( for its day) revealing shorts and risque behavior, and the masterful performances of Bogie and Charles Waldron as General Sternwood are superlative, those few opening minutes put the hook in me on my very first viewing those four decades ago. Once I saw Ms. Perske "drinking her lunch out of a bottle", looking so achingly perfect in every regard, and snidely verbally sparring with Bogie, I was hooked forever. IMO it is Hawks, Bogie/Bacall,and everyone involved at their very, very best. Oh, how I wish there were more. If anyone thinks I might have a flawed transfer of the DVD, (it is from the TCM four disc Bogie/Bacall box set, with the 1945 pre-release version on the A side, and the 1946 revised version on side please let me know. I would purchase a version that has been "remastered" gladly, so any comments on your DVDs quality would be much appreciated. THANKS, RJM
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