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  1. For those who have access to the Decades channel, this weekend’s marathon series is The Wild, Wild West. It began airing at noon today, EST. Their schedule indicates they’ll broadcast regular episodes until 3:00 am on Monday morning, then finish up the The Wild, Wild West Revisited, followed by More Wild, Wild West at 5:00 am.
  2. For those who still have access to the Decades channel, I’ve just noticed that he’ll be interviewing TCM’s Star of the Month, Patricia Neal, on the second segment of his show tonight. It will begin at 9:30 pm est. The synopsis says she’ll discuss working with Reagan, her stroke, and returning to work in The Subject was Roses.
  3. Oh, yes, I'm one to watch my favorite films over and over. I remember the days, pre-VHS, when I'd scour the new TV Guide, highlighting movies to see once more, never dreaming the day would come when I would actual OWN them, to view whenever I wanted! Lots of Davis and Crawford fill my oft-viewed list, especially Mildred Pierce, Flamingo Road, Queen Bee, All about Eve, Now, Voyager, Mr. Skeffington, Beyond the Forest, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? A few other "studio-era" faves would be Imitation of Life, A Star is Born (1954), Gilda, Double Indemnity, I Want to Live, and Suddenly, Last Summer. Too many to list, really, and I'd never be able to estimate how many times I've seen them. I also see "current" movies multiple times, while still in the theater. These, for some reason, I do remember how many times I anted up at the box office for Far from Heaven (6), Grindhouse (4), Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood (2), and most recently, Judy (3).
  4. Judy Saw it. LOVED it! Want to go again!
  5. June 11/12 (2:45 am) I'm looking forward to seeing Angel, Angel, Down We Go (1969) aka: Cult of the Damned. I believe it is the first time it has aired on TCM. From American International Pictures, it marked a return to the screen for Jennifer Jones.
  6. The lovely Joi Lansing, who left us too soon.
  7. I think the theme to Walk on the Wild Side, and the title sequence, as well, are an example of a "perfect fit" between film and theme song!
  8. When the subject comes up, the "Shanghai Lil" number always comes to mind, from Warner Bros. Footlight Parade (1933).
  9. Not sure if this has been noted, but just read that prolific session musician Hal Blaine has passed away at 90. Hal played drums on so many of the hit records I enjoyed as a youngster, and still listen to today. Hal and other members of “The Wrecking Crew” were the studio musicians responsible for making the “name” artists sound good. They were the subjects of a superb documentary, “The Wrecking Crew” (2008), that I would highly recommend. Thanks for all the great music, Hal!
  10. Not from the classic era, but still quite entertaining, this exuberant number is a highlight from the 2005 romantic comedy, Adam & Steve. The dance off ensues while Jackie Beat performs a rollicking country/western-themed track. Craig Chester and Malcolm Gets star, while the always wonderful Parker Posey co-stars, along with Chris Kattan, of SNL-fame. The lyrics, taken out of context as they are, do not seem to make much sense. However, they do relate to a comedic episode earlier in the film that derails the romance of the main characters, for the time being.
  11. I found this lobby card in the bin at Larry Edmonds several years ago. I bought, and hung it, since I've always been fond of the film. However, when I look at it on the wall of my guest room, I am drawn to how unattractive Lana's legs and feet appear, especially since her legs were one of her best features. Is it just me? The Acapulco setting would explain their deep tan, but somehow they look so unnatural.
  12. I really enjoyed reading Lessons in Becoming Myself by Ellen Burstyn. I like star memoirs and hers always comes to mind as a well-written favorite.
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