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  1. and DARRYLFXANAX, I've always liked Joan's dreamy beach house in "Mildred Pierce, AND her Fifties' modern beach house in "Female on the Beach".... Yes, LILYPOND, I agree with you. Joan’s beach house in Female on the Beach is also very nice! Got me thinking about another pad she had…the ultra-modern apartment from Torch Song.
  2. The Beragon beach house from Mildred Pierce would be nice to live in!
  3. I love this film! I think it’s one of Crawford’s best. As for your question, Mr. Movie, I guess Mrs. Harold could have served the coffee, but perhaps a pecking order existed among the servants, and that fell under Lottie’s duties. Didn’t Lottie actually wear a maid’s outfit, and Mrs Harold was attired in everyday clothing? I think she’d been there since Mr. Craig was a boy. I remember her standing up for Lottie, when Harriet belittles her, so she was a good soul. I think of this movie a lot , especially when I find myself being too particular about things around the house! Then, I tell
  4. This is a tragic, yet fascinating story. Here’s an article from the LA Times that is quite good. I remember reading, years ago, that actor Rose MCGowan had hoped bring the story to the screen, portraying Susan Cabot herself. It never came to fruition, that I am aware of. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1987-06-07-me-923-story.html I hope I’ve done this link correctly.
  5. May contain “spoilers”-I just finished this one and loved it! I polished it off in two sittings! I’m a big fan of druggy, show-bizzy “rise and fall” tales, and this did not disappoint. Ewan McGregor, in the title role, smokes cigs like a house afire from beginning til end, screaming and hurling insults at many in his path. Two scenes will always come to mind when I recall this series. One, Halston is working with an expert in the field to develop his new perfume. She asks him to think of some different scents he’d like in the “mix”, so he brings in his lover’s jock strap, which she proc
  6. Thanks, Jaragon. I took a peek! I came away wondering the same thing...why would they be photographed nude in the shower/bath house setting? There’s a very light-hearted, relaxed feel to them. I guess we’ll never know the backstory. They certainly look authentic, as well.
  7. I’ve just read that Frances did the wolf howl to honor the production sound mixer on the film, Michael Wolf Snyder, who died in March. The article stated he’d committed suicide, after suffering from depression for many years. It said his death was noted in the telecast’s In Memoriam segment, as well. I had no idea at the time that it was anything more than Frances just being Frances.
  8. Originating in the Steinbeck novel, and brought to life on film by Lon Chaney, Jr, the character of Lennie, in Of Mice and Men (1939) is certainly one that makes me weep. He is a big, mentally-challenged man with a love of “soft” things, eventually leading to tragedy that even his good friend and protector, George (Burgess Meredith) cannot prevent.
  9. Another character I find tragic is Alva Starr, played by Natalie Wood, in 1966’s This Property is Condemned. She’s a small-town party girl in this film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s one-act play. After meeting a good man, and starting a new life, her past catches up with her.
  10. So many come to mind, but I’ll begin with Myra, portrayed by Vivien Leigh in Waterloo Bridge (1940). Believing her love, played by Robert Taylor, has been killed in battle, she becomes a prostitute to survive. Upon learning he’s actually alive, she’s unable to live with the shame. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.
  11. Yes, this year's In Memoriam segment of the Oscar telecast is the worst I've ever seen. I'm willing to cut some slack regarding the rest of the presentation, with pandemic restrictions and all. But that clip raced by so quickly I felt dizzy. Noting the above omissions from this year's tribute reminded me of my shock and disbelief when Dorothy Malone, an Oscar winner, was not mentioned in the segment that aired during the 2018 Oscar telecast in early March. after passing away in January of that year.
  12. Mrs Chambers- “Norman found them dead together- [whispering] in bed.”
  13. Cathy Brenner- “Can I bring the lovebirds, Mitch? They haven’t harmed anyone.”
  14. I’ve always felt Sandra Dee’s story is a sad one. A successful child model, she made the transition to films and enjoyed at least a decade or more of great stardom. Abused sexually by her stepfather as a child, she also suffered from anorexia at an early age, something that became a lifelong struggle, along with depression and alcoholism. Married to singer Bobby Darin from 1960 til their 1967 divorce, Sandra never remarried and died from complications of kidney disease in 2005, at age 62.
  15. A fairly recent film that I enjoyed immensely, Grindhouse (2007), did not perform well at the box office. A Quentin Tarantino collaboration with Robert Rodriguez, the movie contained two separate films, Planet Terror, and Death Proof (a zombie-type tale, and a story of strong women turning the tables on their stalker, respectively) along with exploitation-style trailers for made-up movies, concession stand advertisements, etc. There were scratches, jumps, and pops here and there, making one feel as if you were actually in a "grindhouse" theater, watching a double-feature where the print
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