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  1. YES!!!! I guess TCM heard me.... This month they are airing Darktown Strutters!!! If you've never seen this film, I cannot stress enough how much you need to.
  2. Thanks for the welcome! I was being sarcastic about The Baby, but I am a huge TCM Underground (and underground cinema) fan. The first day of each month, I come straight to the TCM website and check the schedule for Underground. Then Joan, Bette, Susan Hayward, etc... films and when they'll be airing. I'm guessing August will be the annual "Summer Under The Stars" event so no Underground til September. There are a ton of Underground films I wish TCM would air. Any of the early John Waters films, Titicut Follies (haven't seen this baby since college), early Ken Russell (but espec
  3. Everyone else excited for THE BABY airing tonight? Seems like ages since they last showed it.
  4. Be sure to tune in next week (7/12) at 2am for.... THE BABY (1973)
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