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  1. This scene starts the film beautifully. The hardboiled private eye starting his case and the sexy siren turning his head. Marlowe isn`t taken in by her, but he does enjoy the view. It`s amazing that Martha Vickers wore so much more than actresses nowadays and was still so much sexier. Notice how the set decorators really earned their pay in the 1940s.
  2. Rita Heyworth`s character is coming as close to striptease as was possible in those years. She was a very beautiful woman, in a way it`s a shame the film wasn`t in color. She is exciting her audience, but it is clear that she isn`t experienced at this and she is slightly akward at it. It`s a great scene, wonderfully staged in what is supposed to be a rather intimate space. the lighting shows us the audience reaction to Gilda. In real life the audience would be much more difficult to see. As a retired stagehand, I have learned the many ways light can also hide a great deal of what is in front
  3. The framing of this scene, is used to draw the viewer into all the hatred spewed by the characters. Not until the slap, do you see a full frontal emotional reaction to what is being said. Also, as with all films the score draws the viewer along the path the director laid out.
  4. The slow ticking of the clock, and it turns out to be a man awaiting release from an institution. This sets up one of my favorite movies that few people have ever heard of. I originally watched out of boredom. and got pulled into one the best films you will ever see. Especially in a time when computers can tell you why so many of the faces are so familiar. If you take nothing else from this course, watch this film in it`s entirety.
  5. Who was the featured singer in the movie? The beautiful brunette in the tight black outfit.
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