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  1. Looked through December's schedule and there are very few Christmas movies to watch. Isn't anyone else (but me) bothered by this? We look forward to watching these Christmas classics every year and they seem to be putting on fewer each season. Are we being Politically Correct now because "Christmas" offends some people? Most of us have traditions during the Holidays and these movies are part of them for many of us. Wish someone from TCM would address this issue.....
  2. Sepiatone?I'm in the nothing newer than 1960 ? but I really prefer 30's and 40's?a few in the 50's. That's not to say I don't watch anything newer than 1960; I just have my favorites. I agree that sometimes it depends on who the director was, the type of film used, and sound.
  3. Know there are people who like the changes in TCM and some who do not. I haven't commented on this?until today. My opinion - I'm not a fan of newer movies; sure I like some but give me the old classics any day. That's why I started watching TCM years ago. My solution - I don't watch TCM as often as I did. Our station was tuned to TCM constantly; not so much now. For those who also agree with me, my solution is to look ahead on the Schedule?.I look for the year of the movie and the actors. I might watch a "newer" movie but seriously there aren't a lot of great movies to watch like the o
  4. TCM certainly doesn't seem to be bringing in a lot of heartwarming Christmas Classic movies for me. I'm talking about "It's a Wonderful Life", "Going My Way", "Miracle on 34th Street", "White Christmas". Those are the best for bringing in the Holiday Season! Our family (and new-comers to our family) watch these each and every year - tradition. I suppose other channels might play these, but it isn't the same when you have to go through all the blasted commercials. Come on TCM - bring Christmas back!!!!
  5. Cannot find any biography info on Dickie Hall - loved him in Shadow of the Thin Man (such a cute kid and a wonderful smile)...anyone know anything about him? Imdb shows he was in several movies (mostly uncredited parts). Wondered about career and what happened to him.
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