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  1. Are you referring to the music that was played in the short, "Jammin' the Blues" immediately following "Paris Blues"? According to IMDB it was "Midnight Symphony" by Lester Young. There is a 2:58 minute segment of it on ITunes. It doesn't include the entire score from "Jammin' the Blues" It does appear to be the first segment. The entire score is comprised or several different pieces. Below is a link to a You-Tube version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvgVfUGkPI4
  2. Thanks, BenHere, I think that is what I am getting. So this mystery is solved.
  3. Can anyone tell me where to go to rectify the timing of the delivery of my TCM Monthly Schedule? Today is Jan 15, and I just received the January 2021 schedule in my email. The month is half over. So half of the information is not only obsolete, but only useful to tell me what I might have missed. This has been happening for some time. Any ideas? Am I the only person experiencing this problem? Thanks for any ideas!
  4. I am trying to recollect the name of a movie that I think Charles Coburn was in. The scene I am thinking of takes place in a hotel. Coburn and a young man have met up in the lobby and are talking about something. They notice a housekeeper has left an upright vacuum cleaner sitting in the lobby. They are intrigued and devise a plan to abscond with the vacuum and take it up to Coburn's room. I remember they very subtly pull the cord of the vacuum cleaner to move it closer to the stairwell or elevator. Once they get it to Coburn's room, they spend hours taking it apart to see how it works,
  5. Can someone tell me what the piece is playing at the end of "Blood and Black Lace"? I checked IMDB, and there is no soundtrack listed. It plays while the credits are rolling.
  6. I am not sure if you are asking for the name of the song that is playing. If not, maybe you can clarify your question. The song for one section is "Wonderful" by Lianne La Havas
  7. Thanks for the idea, but I have tried all of the Youtube videos I could find. This is actually a snappy instrumental version, possibly by a Big Band type performance.
  8. I vaguely remember a movie with Claudette Colbert leading the pledge and noting that part was missing. Which I learned wasn't added until a later date. However, I cannot recall the name of the movie.
  9. In a previous inquiry I learned that some instrumental music in the movie "They Live by Night" was titled " Going Down the Road Feeling Bad". Now I would really like to know if anyone knows who did that particular piece. I have searched and found several versions of the music, both instrumental and vocal. But none are like that version. Can anyone tell me the person or band who made that recording. I know it was arranged by Leigh Harline. But I cannot find any cd's with his version included. I would really like to get a copy if you know where I could do that. Thanks for your
  10. Yes, I remember it being in color.
  11. I am searching for the name of a movie that has a young , late 20's man as the main character. I can't remember the beginning of the movie, but the main character seems to be seeing or dating two different women. He is slightly overweight and a little unkempt. The last part of the movie has him leaving the scene and hitch hiking some distance away. I don't remember why he leaves. Maybe he wasn't getting any strong vibes from either of the women. He has a hard time getting to where he is going, and when he gets there he's not very happy. He decides to go back to the two women, and the wea
  12. Thanks to both of you for answering my post. I am so glad you included the link to IMDB , slaytonf. I didn't realize something like that was included on their information pages. It took me a few minutes to figure out how you got to that page, but eventually I found where it was. Thank you both for your quick and accurate responses.
  13. TCM recently played the movie "They Live by Night" . There is an interesting instrumental piece of music that starts playing as the three guys are driving away from the bank robbery. It appears they are listening to it on the car's radio. It lasts until they start the car on fire and leave in a different car. It's something I have never heard before. I would like to know the name of the piece and possibly who is performing the piece if known. I would like to find a copy of this music. Thanks
  14. I have been trying to remember the name of this movie for some time. The movie is in a contemporary setting. It will probably never be shown on TCM because of how recent it is. It involves a young man in his mid twenties. He is involved with one young lady, then he gets involved with another. I think they all might be friends. It doesn't work out, for some reason. I think the two women become roommates. Eventually he leaves because I think he just isn't sure which one he wants to be with. I'm not sure this is how the film progressed up until this part. The guy decides to lea
  15. Thanks to all who provided information. The guy (Chaplain ) did a very good job, but there was something strange about him. I think it was that he might not have been a traditional actor. I had not seen him before this movie and haven't seen him since.
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