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  1. Thanks, Professor. I have heard that "Bette's bad back" story before. As you well know it is difficult to tell the difference between truth and "Hollywood Legend." At least Bette made some very good films at the end of her career. Poor Joan, turning out stuff like *Trog* and *Berserk!+*
  2. What are you looking forward to watching? I want to know what interests everyone. That, I thought was the purpose of this forum: to discuss, compare, contrast, enlighten. No one has to agree. I read posts every day praising movies I would never watch. But to each his own. I respect everyone's choices. It took 25 minutes for you to belittle my choice. Perhaps you were feeling clever, but I thought your post was mean-spirited and I was offended. Does disagreeing with me in that way make you feel superior? This is the last I have to say on this subject. I just wanted to make myself clear. Gnu
  3. All the verbose sarcasm was a waste of time. "I don't like that movie" would have been sufficiant.
  4. Does it get any more macabre and campy than this? Crawford AND Davis! It's as wicked as it gets, and much of it is downright kinky. Truly a classic. Who could ever forget "I've Written a Letter to Daddy"? Supposedly, in the scene where Davis kicks the crap out of Crawford she really did injure her. But with all of Crawford's incessant buzzing, I'd want to kick her too! The dead parakeet, followed by the rat, garnished and served to Blanche on a silver platter; Jane wielding a hammer at Elvira the housekeeper... too much! Victor Buono, another gay actor (Edwin Flagg) later played Davis' fat
  5. Patricia Hitchcock was in *Psycho* with Janet Leigh
  6. Judy Garland was in *The Clock* with Robert Walker. (and she didn't sing!)
  7. "Mr. cold, dead hands" Clint Eastwood as Josey Wales. Not my cup of tea, but believe it or not I watched it! (Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea? I think Doris Day or Betty White, also residents, would have been better. So they'd have more dog poop than spent shell casings in the streets )
  8. Lee, Lorelei, Marilyn Monroe in *Gentlemen Prefer Blondes*
  9. Sorry, must have gotten my threads mixed up. Now that I look again it's obvious.
  10. "I Know Why and So Do You." It was a big hit for the Glenn Miller Orchestra and performed by them in *Sun Valley Serenade*, along with a lot of other great music and dancing.
  11. cmvgor, since a week's gone by and you haven't add one, do you mind if I do? If I'm out of line, let me know. It was a TV movie before it was remade for the big screen. Of the three main characters only one is the same in both versions. Hint: the theatre version won an Oscar for Best Original Song.
  12. Sterling Hayden was in *Johnny Guitar* with Mercedes McCambridge
  13. Ronald Reagan was in *Dark Victory* with George Brent
  14. Question: "What was the decisive factor? My Garden?" Answer: "I think it was your cherry pies."
  15. Right! Even when she was supposed to look bad, Miss Remick was still pretty
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