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  1. LOL., Valentine Xavier. Good one! Some would use ten paragraphs to reply. You couldn't do better in ten words. Edited by: FilmAficionado on Feb 28, 2011 10:17 PM
  2. Everyone knows this line: "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night." A clever threat from Bette Davis as Margo Channing at a party in *All About Eve*. But how many know she is referring to an airplane? In 1950, automobiles did not yet have seatbelts.
  3. Good job, Skipper! Do you want to submit a fictitious place or pass to someone else?
  4. See? I knew you "brainiacs" could think of some. The most rewarding are not always the easiest. Next: Lee J. Cobb as "Johnny Friendly," the mob boss in *On the Waterfront*, on just the other night.
  5. Leanox, Hmmm, there may be a town named "Sand Rock" in *Them!* (I've never seen it), but I was thinking of *The Harvey Girls*. That's the make-believe town Judy Garland came to as a mail-order bride but became a waitress instead. Since you took the effort to think and answer, we should go with "Crow Crag" for the next place. I don't know that one, but someone here must. I'll think about it... Thanks for playing!
  6. Mary Astor once said: "There are four phases to an actress' career: 1. Who's Mary Astor? 2. Get Me Mary Astor! 3. Get me a Mary Astor type. 4. Who's Mary Astor?"
  7. Thanks y'all. Exactly what I was after. I learned some things today I didn't know before, and enjoy hearing your points of view .
  8. > Best of all, *High Society* features the sweet, very melodic song, "True Love". This is quite simply, a lovely and very memorable ballad. > > *Shop Around the Corner* versus its remake, *In the Good Old Summertime* ? The original, hands down. It doesn't get much more charming and romantic than James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan similtaneously sparring and flirting with each other. Also, unlike *High Society*, *Summertime* really doesn't have any memorable songs at all. In fact the music in it is annoying. > I appreciate your comments, misswonderly! I forgot about "T
  9. It's disappointing when a member's idea for a new thread gets no interest. I am enjoying this topic on TCM today. I never know until this afternoon that *The Maltese Falcon* was a third movie version.
  10. I think I know the answers to 2 of the 3 questions: 1. The Boys Night Out 2. Patti Page And the hint: James Garner got his start on TV as "Maverick". The only actress I remember from the movie is Kim Novak, but she didn't sing, did she? Am I correct so far? If someone can answer No. 3 (assuming I'm right so far), he or she may continue the thread.
  11. Omar Sharif Next: Virginia McMath
  12. Let's not forget Paul Fix who was Christine's father. I remember him as Elizabeth Taylor's father in *Giant*, the judge of the trial in *To Kill a Mockingbird*, and of course "Micah" the sheriff in the TV series "The Rifleman" (now I give away my age ).
  13. Mae West as "Lady Lou" in *She Done Him Wrong*
  14. It didn't take long to come up with a "Fred." Dana Andrews as "Fred Derry" in *The Best Years of our Lives*. If I can think of a "Fred," "Johnny" shouldn't be too difficult. I'll have to really think to come up with a Giovanni!
  15. > > > Hey, no sweat. When you run out of Johnnys you can start with Name the Fred... > > > ...Actually, we can continue the game by moving over into other forms of "Johnny" . I.E.. John, Jack, Jock, Jaques, Ian, Ivan, Giovanni, etc, etc. I can't think of a single "Fred" or "Giovanni" off hand, but there are lots of "Johnnys." Here's another: James Dunn as "Johnny Nolan" in *A Tree Grows in Brooklyn*. C'mon, think about it and you'll come up with a "Johnny," too! I'll even give you a clue to one: *Gilda*
  16. May we use dialogue? *"I have the most beautiful hands in the world. That's why, my dear, I don't do menial work like the rest of them here"* *"You mean occupational therapy? It's supposed to be good for you."* *"You're quite wrong my dear, it isn't good for me."* *"I didn't mean you. I meant the 'you' one substitutes for 'one.' -- The general 'you.' "* *"General who?"* *"Oh, Pershing!"* In addition to the movie, try to name the two actresses (one is the star of the film).
  17. The day Haines died, his partner Jimmie Shields put on Haines' pajamas, took an overdose of sleeping pills, crawled into their bed and died. Haines' company "William Haines Designs" still thrives today in West Hollywood.
  18. Okay, I'll take it then I was a very handsome, very popular, very gay matinee idol. I lived with the same man for close to 50 years, until my death. Many of my contemporaries called us "the happiest married couple in Hollywood." I made mostly silent films but a few talkies as well. My movie career ended when Louis B. Mayer gave me an ultimatum: "Get married or I won't renew your contract." I responded "I already am married." I left MGM and became a successful interior designer. Numerous stars became close friends as well as clients.
  19. is that Sidney Blackmer (a la *Rosemary's Baby* ?)
  20. Correct! One of my favorite Bette Davis films.
  21. Correct! In *A Patch of Blue* with Sidney Poitier and Shelly Winters. Do you want to take the next one?
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