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  1. Sorry, I didn't notice my name. Thanks for pointing it out to me Lavender. I'll gladly take a turn.


    A very beautiful and vain woman with many beaux marries a wealthy man to pay the debt her brothrer owes him. She give him the air, has a daughter and sends her away too. The years pass and her looks fade from age and disease. In the end both daughter and husband return, and she finally learns that true beauty comes from within.

  2. In 1965 I appeared in my first film and had a starring role. I was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for that film in 1966. At the time I was the youngest nominee ever in that category. I lost to Julie Christie. Over the next few years I was in a few more films and did some TV. But I will always be remembered for my first role. Unfortunately, I became mentally ill and soon was unable to work. Finally, in 1985 I moved to Pittsburgh near my family so they could look after me. I lived within walking distance of a mental hospital where I kept appointments. I was also near Carnegie Mellon University where I volunteered my time in the drama department. One day in 1985, after phoning my psychiatrist, I fell to my death from my upper-floor apartment.

  3. Rogers and Hamersteins's "It's a Grand Night for Singing," in *State Fair* last night. There was an earlier version.


    BTW, Jeanne Crain was my mother's favorite actress, they were the same age and she wished she looked like her. I really do think they looked alike in 1945!

  4. JohnnyG, I've never seen *The Good Son*, I must be a lot older than you. But I have seen *Tomorrow, the World* a few times. A war orphan who is turned around from his brainwashing by loving Americans. Same as the Greek youth in *Woman of the Year*. That's different from a psychopath, without a conscience, who is incapable in knowing right from wrong. That is Rhoda in *The Bad Seed*, and in *In Cold Blood* just shown on TCM.

    (Hmmm, Bobby Blake... does reality imitate reality?)

  5. I too have seen *The Bad Seed* many times and I never tire of it. At least one line is a camp classic:"*YOU BETTER GIVE ME THOSE SHOES!!!*".


    Yes, it looks like a play. I can always tell a play made into a movie within the first five minutes, even if I didn't know it before. But thank God so many wonderful plays have been made into movies for others to enjoy. Most of us weren't even born before the original stage versions (e.g.*The Women*, *The Little Foxes*, *A Streetcar Named Desire* ). And even if we were alive and old enough to appreciate classic plays, many of us can't always make it to Broadway!


    I have only one beef: I'm a purest and would rather see the original ending the playwright and the book's author intended. I understand the reason, the dreaded "code," but disagree with it.


    My favorite actress in the film is Eileen Heckert. I just love her!


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    Edited by: FilmAficionado on Feb 22, 2011 11:33 AM

  6. The clue must be a fictitious place, the answer is the movie it was in. The fictitious place can be a town, country or a homestead. I thought of it last night while watching a TCM movie. If the clue were either "Peckerwood" or "Upson Downs" the answer would be *Auntie Mame*. (Beekman Place wouldn't qualify because it's real). After reading the clue, post the name of the film. For "extra credit" you may also include an actor and/or character names associated with the place, but that's not required. Then, if you like, post another clue for the nest person to answer.


    For example: if the clue were "Manderley" the correct response would be simply "*Rebecca*," "Maxim de Winter's estate in *Rebecca*," or "Lawrence Olivier's character's estate in *Rebecca*." All are correct.


    Another example:

    Clue: Carvel

    Answer: Andy Hardy's hometown (in any Andy Hardy movie).


    I'll post a few to get the ball rolling. Hope you like this!


    Clue: Ranchipur

  7. Judy Holiday is on TCM tonight in *Born Yesterday*. I am not well-versed in post 1950 films. I know she beat Bette Davis for *All About Eve* and Gloria Swanson for *Sunset Boulevard* as Best Actress in 1950. In her first starring role! While I was a little surpried at that, I really liked her and am a fan.


    Miss Holiday only made a few films in a short period of time. I believe her first was *Adam's Rib* in a supporting role. Then *Born Yesterday*, *The Marrying Kind*, then *It Should Happen to You* (just shown on TCM), then *PFFFT* (I didn't care for that much). The final one and my favorite is the musical *Bells are Ringing* (yes, Mr. Aficionado even likes films from the 60's). But that's only five movies and four starring roles. Can anyone fill me in on why such a wonderful actress had such a brief career?

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