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  1. Oops! I shouldn't have named Elsa Lanchester. Name another star.
  2. *The Spiral Staircase* with Elsa Lanchester.
  3. *Queen Kelly*> Silent, with Gloria Swanson
  4. Angela Lansbury was in *Gaslight*. (Her first film).
  5. I agree with Fredbaetz's post (the third of this thread). Superb acting by Tracy and March. This is one of my favorites. Putting historical facts and the bible aside and back to the art of moviemaking, I have a question: Was this Gene Kelly's first non-dancing, non-singing role? Are there others?
  6. Anyone could sing in the movies in 1927. LOL
  7. No problem, Leanox. Now we have two choices: a film with Roddy McDowall or an actor/actress from Cleopatra And please, no one say Elizabeth Taylor, that's just too damn easy!
  8. I have never watched *Lord of the Rings* or read the books. It just is not my "cup of tea". However, I do recognize it as a classic, adored by many and will be remembered for years to come. The fact that +I+ don't care for that sort of thing means nothing. Its fans deserve to see it. One thing I learnd watching TCM is this: "You don't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need." Sometimes I see movies scheduled on TCM and think "oh, no, I don't want to see that!" I am often surprised. I'll start watching it anyway, giving it a fair chance. At the end I'll think "that rea
  9. What happened to Roddy McDowall? Where did Claude Rains come from? Oh, well, I'm easy to get along with... Martin Landau was in *Cleopatra*
  10. I've probably seen 50 Kay Francis pics, but not this one! What, she made about 500? . I'll stay out of this thread but I'll keep an eye on it!
  11. Okay, now my bain itches! I can't think of the film for the life of me. I'm try to think of the actress with your clues "sexy pre-code, glamourous actress, fabulous costumes." Kay Francis? Am I getting warm?
  12. John Lund as "Johnny" in *A Forign Affair*. At least Dietrich called him "Johnny," over and over. Everyone else called him Capt. Pringle.
  13. Charlton Heston was in *Planet of the Apes* with Roddy McDowall And he didn't even hve an arsonal to blow away the critters. (sorry for the political statement, but I couldn't help myself ).
  14. Lavender, I did immediately acknowledge my mistake and then apologized to you. What else can I do? Please don't label me a "newbie." I may be new to this forum but not to message boards. This ain't my first computer. They all work essentially the same and not that difficult to learn the particulars of each one. And I think I can compete with the best of 'em in movie trivia. I'm sorry if you don't think my thread is appropriate. I'm not here to argue with anyone. As Greshwin wrote and Fred and Ginger sang" "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." and be friends, okay?
  15. Well said ChorusGirl! You said exactly what I was thinking but unwilling to spend the time doing so. My time is much better spent elsewhere.
  16. Ooops! I guess you did! Sorry. The name of the character and the name of the movie are the same. I see it now (I'm not familiar with the film). Again, thanks for playing . Bravo cmvgor! You're really on the ball. You named a "Johnny" character you remembered from a movie with a different name. Picking up a movie dictionary and turning to "J" may be within the parameters of the game, but it's too easy.
  17. Lavender, I said at the beginning this would be a short game. I wanted something challenging for the hard-core trivia fans. And there are a lot of movies with characters named "Johnny!" Thanks for contributing, but you forgot to name the move "Johnny Cool" is in.
  18. Nice try cmvgor but I must cry "foul!" This is TCM not TCTV. Try again, friend
  19. OOPS! I should have said "John Williams was in *Sabrina* with Ellen Corby." Ellen Corby was Bogy's secretary. The main stars of the film are too easy. John Williams was Sabrena's father: Fairchild the chauffeur.
  20. Garbo in *Queen Christina* also disguised herself as a man. And this 17th century Swedish queen really was gay (or at least bi). But that's fodder for another trivia site
  21. Very good! *Johnny Guitar* is the name of the character, that was the question. In addition it's the name of the movie. But the character is what's important. I'll give y'all another freebee: Edward G. Robinson as Johnny Rocco in *Key Largo*.
  22. This thread is absolutly flaming! Thank God for the "Ignore Member" button.
  23. Just F.Y.I. there is another, newer book in addition to "Celluloid Closet." Try this (if you can find it): "Behind the Screen- How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywod- 1910-1969), ISBN 0-14-200114-7. It is very complete and well-written. I very much enjoyed reading it.
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