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  1. Albeit a short one! Name an actor whose character is named "Johnny." Then name the film. Here's the first one: Johnny Aysgarth played by Cary Grant in *Suspision*.
  2. MovieProfessor, thanks! I never saw this film, but I'll sure be looking for it. Seems odd... Burl Ives? But with Nicholas Ray, I believe it. Ray was involved in many gay sub-themed movies. When directing *Rebel Without a Cause* Ray had a sexual affair with sixteen-year-old Sal Mineo. Nothing in Hollywood surprises me!
  3. Go here to see the Jane Russell number ennisdelmar2 mentioned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pthokb18V7U The men's tiny shorts are flesh-colored and their dance moves are SO sexual. At the end, Jane ends up in the pool by accident. One of the athletes hits her while diving and she goes flying in. They left the scene in, with Jane dripping wet.
  4. Speaking of gay actors, Patsy Kelly must be mentioned. She was a popular comedianne in the 1930's. Always a wisecracker and a master of physical comedy. She made a lot of shorts with Thelma Todd and had one starring role in *Pigskin Parade*. Kelly disappeared for decades and turned up in *Rosemary's Baby* as one of the witches.
  5. I read that Franklin Pangborn finally put in his contract that he would no longer faint. He had a good career being the film's "queer," but he had his limits!
  6. Another "sissy" character actor who was in countless early films was Grady Sutton. He was chubby and had a Southern accent. He really was Southern and he really was gay.
  7. I know this subject has been touched on before, but I want to expand it, if anyone's interested. In just a few minutes I jotted down 12 movies that have one, two, three or even four remakes. This is what I'm intersted in hearing from other members: 1. How many remakes? Some have one remake with the same title: *Imitation of Life/Imiatation of Life*. Some have versions with different titles: *Rafter Romance/Living on Love*. Some have three versions or even four: *What Price Hollywood?/A Star is Born/A Star is Born/A Star is Born*. 2. Which version do you think is better/best? Why
  8. *It Happened Tomorrow* Next: Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Charles Coburn
  9. Just a guess: In the movie *The Women*, Mary Hains' (Norma Shearer) dog was named "Sheba." Is that it?
  10. "A Lovely, lyrical, lilting name." This is kind of easy, so in addition to naming the movie, name the actor, the actress he's saying it to, and both characters' names.
  11. Charles Boyer was in *Love Affair* (the first version) with Irene Dunne.
  12. Okay I've got it. One title ends and the other begins with the given word. Right?
  13. *My Sister Eileen* Rosalind Russell Robert Montgomery Dame May Whitty
  14. why? Please explain. I want to do this right!
  15. Maurice Chevalier was in *Gigi* with Leslie Caron.
  16. Oops! I forgot "next:" Gimme a break, I'm new. Room Service de Luxe Next: Rose
  17. *Little Women*, the second version from 1949.
  18. The movie is *Gigi*, spoken by Aunt Alicia (Isabel Jeans) to Gigi during one of her lessons to be a coutesan. Aunt Alicia has a number of good lines; also "bad table manners have broken up more households than infidelity." Some *Gigi* trivia: In the movie, the exterior of Aunt Alicia's apartment building is No. 29 avenue Rapp. It won first prize in an architectual facade competition in 1901and is considered one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. It still contains private apartments and is still a popular Paris tourist attraction. Near the beginning of the
  19. This is the most convoluted discussion I have seen on any thread, ever. Lipizzaner Stallions? Harry Potter Halloween costums? A mini-bio of Rick James? What became of "Pretty Woman and Forrest Gump"? I am a new member. Is this a typical of the progression of topics on movies? I don't get it.
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