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  1. Thanks for the August and September links Kyle. I can't find the links to advance the schedule anywhere on the website. I don't know if it's just my computer or what.
  2. Anita and June were sisters. This was slightly before my time and up in Canada we didn't get those great Country stars on TV but they will live on thanks to You Tube.
  3. Thanks for the link Fred. I'd forgotten how great old-time country was.
  4. What I love about old movies is finding a gem of a song that I've never heard of before. The latest is Jane Frazee singing " A Spot in Arizona". A beautiful song sung simply and have you ever seen someone look so lovely.
  5. My favourite film. I don't know how many times I've seen it but the last few minutes still choke me up everytime. Boyer was within a heartbeat of walking out on the love of his life. Who wouldn't want Irene Dunne! I love a happy ending. Then there's the wonderful scene with Maria Ouspenskaya as the grandmother. I always find it so heartwarming. I like movies that make you feel good.
  6. I can see it when you went to a show. It gave you time to settle in or take a break. When I burn these kinds of movies to a DVD I always pause the recording 'til they're over. I can't sit there in front of the TV waiting for the movie to start again.
  7. yvesmary

    Hal Leroy

    I've seen most of Hal Leroy's shorts on TCM and always wondered why he never really made it in films.
  8. I like most of the ones mentioned. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but I think Gene Raymond and Ann Sothern went well with each other. It looks like they had fun together.
  9. Esther Williams Being a champion swimmer got her into the movies. But she was so natural and comfortable in front of the camera you couldn't help but like her. Doris Day She was a great singer and also very natural. Her most appealing quality on screen was her eyes, they just shone and sparkled.
  10. It would also be nice to have a weekly timeslot for them on TCM.
  11. You're right. That was a stupid mistake. Hollywood Canteen is one of my favourites. It's always nice to see a picture with lots of stars doing small parts.
  12. Sorry about that. I should have remembered there was a movie by that name. It was supposed to be a fun thread about lovely ladies.
  13. This is probably more for us gents but every once in a while a movie comes along that hits on all cylinders. The lovely lady's makeup, her character and the love story combine to make you fall in love with her. I'm also a sucker for the songs. Two that come to mind are Joan Leslie in Stage Door Canteen and Anna Neagle in Irene. I made it a point to watch their other movies and while I like them they just don't hit the button like those two. The fun part of watching the old Classics is finding gems like that.
  14. CBC was the start of my interest in Classic Movies. Back in the late 80s-90s they showed a lot of the best Warner Bros movies from the 40s.
  15. infinite1: Thanks for posting the Cinema Retro interview with Robert Osborne. This is the Golden Age of TCM with Robert Osborne. It's going to be a sad day when he retires.
  16. I've noticed sometimes that the credits-order on imdb and the credits in the movie I'm watching don't always jibe. I understand that there are different releases of movies so I suppose sometimes the credits get re-arranged. My pet peeve is the movie credits listed in the Schedule that don't reflect the actual stars. The one that comes to mind is Night Must Fall (1937). The star is Robert Montgomery who is not even mentioned. In fact he was even nominated as Best Actor. His co-star was Rosalind Russell who is listed fourth. When I scan the schedules I always look at the title and then t
  17. Becoming a star is an age-old fantasy but thankfully something I'll never have to go through. It's a double-edged sword that plays out constantly whether it's film, music or sports or whatever. It seems the script is often repetitious only the names are different. Someone with talent has a dream to make it and willing to see anybody and make themselves available in order to climb up the ladder. With a lot of luck and hard work success comes and then the inevitable happens. High living and hanger-ons start making demands that overwhelm the person and suddenly the dream becomes a nightma
  18. When I had the big dish I subscribed to the Encore Westerns channel and had to take the whole Starz package. Occasionally I'd watch one of the modern Starz movie from around 1999 to 2000. I can't remember any of the titles or who was in them but, my oh my, it was the worst trash I'd ever seen. I know a lot of old movies aren't anything to brag about but they certainly aren't any worse than many you see today on the movie channels. I clicked on the link for the imdb 100 worst and noticed the oldest movie was from 1959. I don't know if that means anything but I'll stick with my old TCM c
  19. I think knowing too many intimate details about a performer's life can affect my enjoyment of a movie. They are still people with all the good and bad that entails. I have read a few biographies of my favourites but now I stay away from them. I almost bought Esther Williams' book once. I really like her and for not being an "actress" she was perfectly natural and comfortable on screen. I seem to have read or heard a little bit about her and I gather that she was not as sweet as she appeared. But I don't need to dig up any dirt about her. I like hot dogs but I'd just as soon not kno
  20. While I treasure Robert Osborne on TCM, I really enjoyed Bob Dorian and Nick Clooney when they hosted AMC. In those days I used to record new movies on top of old ones on my VHS tapes as needed. I wish I had kept them. I used to get their monthly program guide but TCM wouldn't ship theirs to Canada until a few years ago.
  21. It is a very good movie. The movie centers on Jackie Cooper but I was surprised that Robert Coogan was first billed at the start. I don't recall seeing him before.
  22. TCM will never please 100% of its viewers 100% of the time. I am just thankful TCM still exists and is now in Canada. When they left the big dish (C-band) some years ago I had to do without them. It was a long 2 or 3 year drought before StarChoice here added it to their line-up. I don't know what I would do if I lost TCM.
  23. I've been a Westerns fan all my life. I like most of the westerns that have been made. There's a lot to be said about the adult westerns. I try not to attach too deep a meaning to them but watch them for the entertaining conflicts between self and outside forces. Now I know this will bring a lot of sneers from the young people but there's also a lot to be said for the B-western. I still love them especially the singing cowboys like Roy and Gene. The white-hatted hero never smoked or drank, was respectful of women and fought for law and order. Is there something wrong with t
  24. Thanks for the pictures. I looked him up on imbd but there was really no information about him. I'd never seen him before so was almost shocked when I saw him on that Perry Mason show. The resemblence is uncanny.
  25. Just saw an episode of the Perry Mason show entitled The Case of the Wooden Nickels (1964). One of the characters was played by Hunt Powers (now known as Jack Betts). He could have been a twin to a young Clark Gable. It was incredible.
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