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  1. I won't bother with a list as many of my favorites have been listed already but about ME TV: They keep advertizing Thriller with Boris Karolff one of my all time favorites but it never seems to be on. Anyone caught it?
  2. Which version has the last survivor, a woman, realise she can just strong arm and out moneuver the ghouls and just walks through the mob and away ending the movie?
  3. When the Apollo 13 crew comes back on the radio after their prolonged re-entry silence. Seen it a half a dozen times and it never fails.
  4. Time obviously dates them. Especially the ones set in their time frame. (Notice how big the "cordless phones" are in Seinfeld? LOL). So in my book Westerns for instance hold up quite well. Favorites? Hitchcock and Karloff's Thriller. Stories were usually "modern" but good tales make good watching. Saw 2 Kojack's recently. Couldn't believe the racial slurs!
  5. Would like to see some of the old Steve Allen Shows. Hi-Ho Steverino!
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