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  1. I won't bother with a list as many of my favorites have been listed already but about ME TV: They keep advertizing Thriller with Boris Karolff one of my all time favorites but it never seems to be on. Anyone caught it?
  2. Love him or hate him you can't say the guy was just famous because he caught on early in movie history. His stuff plays well even today though it can be a bit sappy at times. I watched Modern Times with my son years ago. He was in his early teens at the time and we both busted out laughing quite a few times. My personal favorites are The Great Dictator ( though the phony German speech sequence runs too long) and Missour Verdoux which is weird as hell but entertaining. In Verdoux reading the credits is revealing: story by Charles Chaplin, produced by Charles Chaplin. On & on. Talented for s
  3. "Judgement". Why? because I think that as a lawyer in Germany at that time I'd never have taken that case. I think Schell's character knew he was fighting for a lost cause and Max conveyed that feeling perfectly. I'm here. I don't want to be but I'll give my all.
  4. Get the living crap beat out of you and turn up for work or whatever the next day. Get caught by the Mummy who moves at 3 miles an hour. Never miss with a tossed pie. Not touch Marlyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch. Oh God the list goes on and on !
  5. Which version has the last survivor, a woman, realise she can just strong arm and out moneuver the ghouls and just walks through the mob and away ending the movie?
  6. I must be getting used to the guy because I laughed at a few of his jokes. The funny thing about the movie came to me after Sven mentioned that the final fire scene was lifted from Ghost of Frankenstein and was used as the end scene of House of D. with Chaney Jr. in Monster make-up. If you're quick enough you'll see in the scene where the now mad Doctor imagines the Monster rampaging through the town that some of that footage was lifted from the original frankenstein film and it's definitely Karloff as the Monster. Glen Strange is the Monster in House of D so with the exception of one actor,
  7. By the way I've seen The Train many times. I don't know how true it is but it's a hell of a good movie.
  8. Read the book Monuments Men a few years ago. I'm assuming the movie is about a single "treasure hunt" mission. That's not what these guys did back then. Their real job was to protect/preserve treasures from battle damage not hunting down missing stuff. I haven't seen it but if my single mission theory is correct it's pure Hollywood.There is at least one guy still living whose **** off about not getting any $ but again, if it's pure hollywood I guess he doesn't deserve any.
  9. Don't think I'd name my new food "product" Soylent. No matter what it was made of. Bound to turn people off.
  10. I agree the guy's not bad. These monster movie host gigs were always done on the cheap anyway and I guess you work with what you've got. Zacherlie use to walk into the film through cuts in the screen. They actually ran a movie on a screen and put the TV camera on it in those days. It was pretty funny back then but again, you used what was available. And cheap. MeTV advertises Boris Karloff's Thriller on Sunday at 10 PM but the listings don't show it. Any one catch it? My totally favorite SciFi/monster show ever.
  11. What a surprise to find Gog was in color! That gives you an idea of how long ago I saw it on TV. We had a black & white set.
  12. I saw it on MeTV too. Must have seen it before because bits were familiar. I laugh about the thousands of tire tracks that must have been in those deserts just from movie makers alone! These movies usually turned up on Zacherlie's midnight movie show and his shenanagans usually made them watchable. At least you hung around to see what he'd do next no matter how bad the flick was.
  13. Wow. Toally forgotten until I saw this thread. Like Xploit I watched it many times as a kid then it disappeared. Not a bad story line and if you can put up with the 50's special effects not a bad watch either. Anyone remember another lost SiFi called "Gog"? A real stinker as I recall.
  14. Roverrocks: Add Steve Carell to your list and it fits me perfectly.
  15. The film draws a lot of "quiet" attention around St. Patty's day. Years back I bought a copy on VHS and was told by the store owner that he ordered about 20 copies every year around that time and sold out every one year after year. The tape contained some extras on the end and I was surprised at some of the items mentioned like the bearded old man being John Fords brother and Wayne's kids sitting on the wagon in the race scene. Too much to recount here but it sounded like the whole cast & crew & their families went on vacation to Ireland and happened to make a movie.
  16. Funny you should mention Barbara Stanwyck. The only thing I can watch her in is Double Indemnity. Don't know why exactly. Favorites? I kind of go by film roles. Like Kirk Douglas as Van Gough or Cagney as George Cohan or Hellen Mirren as Queen Elisabeth. My true favorites are the guys & gals that were almost unsung. Great actors like Eli Wallach, Charles Bickford and Joseph Weisman. You know. The people that could take on any role so well you almost didn't notice them. Least favorite? I'm still thinking about that one.
  17. I saw the film last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. But then I liked the Mary' Poppins film when I saw it for the first time almost 20 years after it was released on TV when my Son was very young. At no time over the years since did I realise that Mr. Banks was the reason she showed up in the first place. I thought she just affected the whole family for the better. The film definitely shows the author's early life having a bearing on the Poppins story. Even introducing a Poppins-like character. An Aunt I believe. How much of this is true and how much might be Hollywood I don't know but it's a
  18. Logan's Run. Now there's a movie I've only seen once. Not avoiding it. Just not shown very often. It was "padded" for the movie as opposed to the book which makes it seem longer for me too. But the premise was good. Now if you want a padded flick I always think of the first Star Trek movie. No book of course but SO overloaded with drawn out special effects that were new at the time. I always thought that at it's core it was a great story. As a 2 part TV show without the superflous stuff it might have won an Emmy.
  19. Not a problem. If there's one thing I've found it's that if critic's like a movie I probably won't AND it'll be a huge hit.
  20. Ooh, sorry Tommy I gave the wrong impression. I was just commenting on that particular scene. I've seen it more than once and get a huge kick out of both Malden and Wallach. Eye candy aside Eli was a stupendous actor. Right up there with the likes of Joseph Wiseman. Able to play almost anything. Years ago Mad magazine was satirizing a movie and commented that Charles Bickford played the bicycle. It wasn't a stab but a comment on a great actor's ability. These guys are all up there on my list.
  21. Ha Ha Ha... BBBAAAAABBBYYY DOOOLLLL!!! That scene where Malden is sitting in the car screaming for her to come out and the 2 old guys are laughing their **** off at him is burned into my memory. Come to think of it there's quite a few 50's down south movies that would fit in here. Pointless stuff. Just keeping contract players busy.
  22. I love the little twists at the end of the stories. I think I'll read a few too. It's not often you see an actor try to typecast himself but I suppose that's what they were looking for in Widmark. I can see him doing the same sthick as Wilmer the gunsel in Maltese Falcon.
  23. Lord above I am a moron. Reading this thread from page 1 I never put 2 & 2 together and came out with the father as the one being wised up. It was always a kids adventure with everyone being better for Mary's appearance.The movie makes so much more sense to me now. As to the knock down drag out fight that's going on, my $0.02: Obviously Julie should have gotten the role in Lady. You can't keep talent like that down anyway. Not a big Hepburn fan. Just a personal preference no particular reason but I have to admit the dubbing business turned me off a bit. Ditto for The King and I. All that
  24. When the Apollo 13 crew comes back on the radio after their prolonged re-entry silence. Seen it a half a dozen times and it never fails.
  25. This is going to sound weird but the movie I thought I'd never want to see again was Touch of Evil. Strangest damn thing I ever saw but after a few years I sat through it again and got that "Citizen Kane" feeling. Like I was looking at something special. Very very odd but special.
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