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  1. I told myself I would not check this thread this week since my cable is out (until tomorrow) but I caved. I'll have to get my recordings set up for next week!!! Lisa
  2. Thanks to markbeckuaf I've had my DVR at 100% this past week. I had to erase some "Happy Days" episodes my son taped LOL. Love all the suggestions though! Lisa
  3. Maybe I'm just lazy but I like to pull up the whole month at once and scan through for the movies I want. This whole click on the individual day thing is horrible.
  4. Thanks Marysara--you made it hurt even more LOL--- j/k To be honest until recently I just took TCM for granted. I have been watching on and off since 1998 but I didn't realize that some movies were not played for years and years. Now that I know that I am being much more dilegent with the schedule so I don't miss things I want to see. Lisa
  5. Do you have a DVR? I almost always record movies so I got through the guide for a week at a time and record anything that looks remotely interesting to me. I am not very tech savvy so this is all I have to offer...I am sure some others here have something better! Lisa
  6. I find Julie Harris annoying. I don't know why, but that movie "Member of the Wedding" is just unwatchable to me. I also thought they could have found someone better for East of Eden but that's just me. I always find things like this amusing. I remember growing up, my father couldn't stand Jerry Houser. My husband cannot stand Vincent D'onofrio yet I love him in Law and Order. It's just funny how certain actor's just irritate some people. Lisa
  7. Thank you Fred! I listen to "The Whistler" all the time and I've always thought they would make great movies!! I'll have to just hope they play them again. Lisa
  8. Wait one minute..."The Whistler" has been on TCM??? where?? When?? I listen to OTR and LOVE "The Whistler" but I have never seen it on TCM..... must...see.... Anyway, I don't have the Fox movie network because my cable box said I would have to pay for it....maybe next winter. With Summer coming and school break, I'll barely have time to watch anything anyway. Poor me. Lisa
  9. Gotcha! When I was younger I watched a lot of horror movies but I don't Know the names of them or even the actors....I used to love Sunday afternoons watching horror movies.
  10. Is this the movie where the one girl ties her sister's shoelaces together in the car and they have an accident and the sister can't escape? Lisa
  11. Dirty dancing When I saw this movie, I was on a date and I am embarrassed to admit that I made out during the entire movie. When I went home I told my mom I hated it, mainly so I didn't,t have to give too many details. My mom loves movies and always wants details. After this embarrassing incident I did see the movie and I did hate it. I hate Pretty Woman too...but I didn't make out during that one. Lisa...who keeps getting booted out of the new and improved TCM website
  12. Oh I am laughing about MissWonderlys post about GWTW. Hysterical. When I was first married I tried to get my husband to watch GWTW and he passed out before the burning of Atlanta. I love epics though. Like some others said, violence is ok with me if it serves a purpose. War movies should have violence so i would expect that. I like vampire movies and shows, heck I've even watched those horrible TWilight movies, again vampires are violent so i'm ok with some violence. I don't like shock violence or unnecessary violence. Lisa...typing very poorly on her iPad
  13. I'm 38 (just for an age reference) and I am cranky that tv will eventually be all digital as well. I still like the surprise of "finding" something good on tv rather than having it available any time. I guess because that's how it was when I was growing up *shrugs*. On the flip side I am a total hypocrite because I go through the TCM schedule each month (online) than set up the DVR to tape the movies I want to watch. Back in December I was complaining to my dh that I had not seen "Babes in Toyland" with Laurel and Hardy in several years. It always used to be on, on Thanksgiving morning up
  14. I like this one. When I was a little girl, I remember my grandmother telling me to watch it, I did and I was really creeped out. I haven't seen it in a few years now but I have it on the DVR so I can watch it again. Lisa
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