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  1. I just viewed TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME and the Blackburn twins were not in the film. So, unless someone knows of any other films they might have been in other than WORDS AND MUSIC and SHE'S WORKING HER WAY THROUGH COLLEGEL,please post. Thanks
  2. June Allyson and the Blackburn twins singing and dancing to "thou swell" in Words and Music. It is a masterpiece!
  3. There is a Will Rogers museum in Claremore, OK.. A great place to visit. Remember Claremore from the the movie "Oklahoma"?
  4. I live about 50 miles from Ft. Smith and was real excited to see this movie when it first came out.. Thought John Wayne was ok (typical JW). Kim Darby was alright but Glen Campbell should have stayed home. He is no actor! The most disappointing thing about the movie was location. Absolutely nothing that remotely resembles the ozarks. It was not an oscar performance.
  5. Funny what sticks with a kids mind...All I can remember about that movie was darlin' Jean slappin those pies together like a pro.
  6. Thank you missgoddess. I am certain you are right after reading the full synopsis of the film.
  7. Jean Arthur baking apple pies on western town street. I saw it when a youngster and the apple pies looked so darn good.
  8. I have noticed that Albatros1 has supplied many missing items in various biographries . I am sure that others beside myself would like to know a little about Albatros1 who obviously has some good inside information about a lot of stars. I really do appreciate all the information that he or she has supplied. Thanks very much.,
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