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  1. Hello FilmAficionado and thanks for your interesting answer... :-) You're absolutely right to say that everyone's entitled to have his or her own opinion. I have to tell you I have tested the two stars you told me about, my own way, looking for what "shakes" me for the moment, stars dressed in beautiful gowns (crinoline gowns, if possible). Do you ever use Google Images ? That's what I use for a starting point. All at once it displays to me a very big concentration of shots which I can then pick into, choosing whatever images suit me best. That's the method I applied to Gloria Swanson and Kay
  2. Hello ! Thanks for the list of movies... :-) I'll have a look into it... ;-) Best, David
  3. Hello FredCDobbs, Thanks for your prompt answer. I will look into all these films you named.... Thanks, David.
  4. Hello All, Just a word of thanks to you all who answered me so kindly. You're all worth a million dollars ! ^^ I will answer each of you individually... ;-) Kind regards, David
  5. Dear TCM fans, My name is David Henrotay, I'm from Brussels, Belgium (you know, the country that just beat the world's record of the biggest number of days without a government, moving Irak 2nd place... ^^;;. I'm brand new here so please bear with my eventual clumsiness regarding english which isn't my mother tongue, while french is... :-) I'm a fan of many things, along with old movies. Over the years, TCM Channel being broadcasted here in Brussels via cable or satellite, has offered me many pleasant moments of cinema and develloped my knowledge of passed and current actors I never or
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