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  1. I had such a fantastic time watching His Kind of Woman. I had never heard of it before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself laughing out loud at Vincent Price, whom I adore--he always acted like he was having so much fun at whatever role he was given. The juxtaposition between Robert Mitchum's character and Vincent Price's character was the most interesting to me. Plus, the slapstick comedy--film noir has slapstick comedy? I would have never thought that before watching this movie!--was just so enjoyable. I kept thinking that Vincent Price's character kept quoting Shakespeare. Shakespeare used humor in all of his tragedies. Really, Hamlet is one of the funniest and darkest plays ever. (The character of Hamlet is hysterically funny! He's just snarking about everyone around him.) Shakespeare used humor to lighten the mood. And, this is what Vincent Price's character seemed to me. Really, this movie was kind of two different movies. You've got the pretty dark, world-weary Robert Mitchum's character and you've got Vincent Price on the bow of the sinking ship. To me, this one was the gem of the film noirs that I didn't know about prior to this course. Never heard about it before. So glad that I discovered it now. Kat
  2. I fell HARD for Double Indemnity. Before that, I only knew Fred MacMurray as the father from My Three Sons, which, like Leave it to Beaver, I didn't care much for. (While I like '50s and '60s shows and my parents introduced them to me, I never liked "perfect life" sitcoms like those.) So, I was blown away at the very beginning when Fred MacMurray as Walter Neff comes staggering into his office, weak from blood loss from bullet wounds and starts dictating a memo to Edward G. Robinson. I also fell in love with Barbara Stanwyck. Didn't know anything that she did, although I'd seen reruns of The Big Valley, but wasn't very fond of it. Since experiencing Double Indemnity, I've sought out every movie that she's done. And, then, shortly after first watching Double Indemnity (and I was in college), I got to experience Sunset Boulevard for the first time. And, even though that opening scene is parodied a lot, it still packs a punch. (Thinking of Double Indemnity, MeTV has been playing Carol Burnett and Friends. One episode MeTV aired not to long ago is The Carol Burnett Show's parody of Double Indemnity. Those parodies of movies are even more brilliant if you know the movie they're spoofing.)
  3. That swinging pendulum really does give you a sense of dread. And then when the music fades out and you can hear the monotonous ticks of the clock? It kind of sends chills down your spine. Kat
  4. Great list. You know, I never liked Titanic. Whenever someone asks me what should have won the Best Picture Oscar over Titanic, I always say that L.A. Confidential should have won. Great story, great acting, it immerses you in the '50s L.A., film noir. Kat
  5. My DVD recorder is set! I'm so glad this is being offered! I love film noirs (films noir? See I don't even know the proper grammar for it!). Kat
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