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  1. Henry Fonda was in *12 Angry Men* with Lee J. Cobb
  2. Fritz (Dwight Frye in *Frankenstein*) Daniel (J. Carroll Naish in *House of Frankenstein*) Nina (Jane Adams in *House of Dracula*) Edited by: Don'tCallMeSugar on Apr 14, 2011 1:04 PM
  3. Correct...Peck remembers being so scared that his grandmother allowed him to sleep in her bed Your thread
  4. It was a silent film released in 1925...
  5. I love that movie (mostly because I have a crush on Evelyn Ankers) Gregory Peck often mentioned that his earliest memory of film was a horror film. What was the film?
  6. Really sad...She was quite sick for a while...
  7. The Glob NEXT: Only actress to appear in a Wolf Man, Dracula, and Frankenstein movie?
  8. > {quote:title=redriver wrote:}{quote} > The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover > > You walked out of this brilliant art film? I would have run! This is what bothers me about artsy-fartsy stuff. People can't even guess what the point of is, so they call it DEEP. This piece of celluloid garbage is one of the very worst movies I've ever seen. And I mean EVER! How on Earth can a company even produce something with no value whatsoever. Why would they bother? I rented this one. I almost walked out of my own house! > > In other threads, we discuss the worst m
  9. > {quote:title=jbh wrote:}{quote} >Some of the older posters argue quite a lot, and get really nasty and insulting from time to time... I don't understand that...We are all here because we love film and in particular classic film...We should be able to disagree without resorting to nastiness. Maybe that's why they got deleted
  10. > {quote:title=JonasEB wrote:}{quote} > it doesn't make much sense to me to leave after you've established some free time and already paid for the thing. You've already spent an hour on it, an extra 30 minutes isn't going to make much difference to your day. You're right we should never do it...It takes a lot for me to walk out (I sat through both *Rambo* and *Live Free or Die Hard* ) but I always hate it when someone walks out and makes an announcement of it...
  11. A couple weeks ago I walked out of Just Go With It...My thirteen-year old cousin wanted to see it for his birthday. I didn't laugh once and finally got sick of sitting wasting my life The only other time I have ever walked out was during Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy Has anyone else ever walked out?
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