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  1. You're right, Dothery, you're right. Raft couldn't act. EGR was ugly as homemade sin, and Paul Henreid was as exciting as cold soup. And yet you are allowed to love them. That's your prerogative in classically classic movies. Cagney and Bogey and William and the Powells and Grant burned up the screen. And there are those of us who love them to pieces. Them's the facts. Guess TomJH missed my post right before his. La di da.
  2. Interesting viewpoint, crazyblonde7. As handsome as Ford was, and he was, and as unappealing as Henreid was, and he was, Bogey melted the screen in his scenes with Bergman, so to me, that's what made Casablanca so wonderful. If an actor in a classically classic movie was good AND he had SAAM, that made the movie for me. To each his own, as they say. I know, not in here, but they do say it out there.
  3. I NEVER saw Bogart as having the slightest bit of sex appeal. If Bogie didn't have any (and he did), then EGR was a two bagger (and he was).
  4. Robinson was a very good painter too. Cagney's Ragtime was filmed in New York too, and the writer lived in the town in which I wuz born.
  5. Sorry, missw! Oh no no no, not blush worthy. I'm showing my age (whoa, it's not even on Wiki!). SAAM was used in the 1960s or 1970s, I can't remember which. It was the quotient by which we judged how 'hot' a guy was, iow: SAAM = Sex Appeal, Animal Magnetism Robinson has zero, Bogey and Cagney have lots, Grant is almost off the charts, and William (YMMV) is off the charts. YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
  6. Huston did one joyous gold dance in that film that is pretty hard for anyone to forget. True, TomJH. That dance was *so* memorable! I didn't realize until today that Huston was from Canda. So many actors and comedians were/are - is there a compilation of names anywhere to note this? Oh, and I have a silly question - is there no film industry in Canada?
  7. And, he could sing. September Song, in case you've forgotten. One of the best versions out there. Enjoy:
  8. You said it, crazyblonde7. Cagney was the best, up there with Grant. VERY sexy, both. Bogart was okay, but he was no song and dance man. But hoo boy, he burned up the screen with his Baby. Burned.it.up. Both, however, were light years better than EGR in the SAAM department. As disgusting as Duryea was in Scarlet Street, I'd have to choose him over EGR. Then again, I'd dump both in favor of a dog. I'd rather eat glass than think of going on a date with EGR. Ick and blech. That said, I'd dump Cagney and Grant and Bogie and Powell (William and Dick), hot men all, in favor o
  9. I don't know Peggy Ann Garner - if she was an untalented as O'Brien (Withers was a little better ) and Temple, then I'm glad her name escapes me. W.C. Fields was right, although he disliked dogs too, and dogs were MUCH better in the classics than kids.
  10. Unkind? Not at all. You are ENTITLED TO YOUR OPINION ON THIS BOARD (shouting not meant for you, but the others who might think they have the right to silence you). I agree. I don't think you have me on ignore, and said the exact same thing. I also couldn't stand Shirley Temple (oh the heresy!), Jackie Coogan, Bobs Watson, Jane Withers, the second kid in Lassie, Margaret O'Brien (oh BOY was she annoying) or just about everyone else as a kid, with the exception of Natalie Wood, she was adorable and a good actress. Alternatively, there are some excellent child actors in the movies
  11. Absolutely true, missw. Some of the most brilliant entreprenueurs, inventors, and scientific minds never went beyond the 8th grade. Some of the biggest idiots in the country went to prestigious * cough * Yale * cough * colleges. Edyukashun means nothing when it comes to intelligence.
  12. Horrific that her miserable father (step-father?) and grandfather stole her money. Too bad they didn't live long enough to face charges, thank you Paul Peterson and Jackie Coogan for protecting other child actors. What KIND of parent would steal from their child? Horse whipping is too good for them. So sad that she didn't heap every kind of invective on the names of her father and grandfather, I would have. They did some kind of brainwashing job on her, poor woman. I got the feeling that she needed to do this documentary for the money, how sad was that? Her house was very modest, I
  13. He was not altruistic. Well, SansFin, neither are the government, or big business, or organized religion. So, by 'kudos', I mean I admire your uncle for being ahead of his time, and congratulate him for being an entrepreneur who did what the big boys did then and do now. Think Warren Buffet or Donald Trump or Bernie Madoff or the CEOs of any of the corporations or banks who paid off the politicians to melt down the U.S. in 2008. I'm happy to read he knew enough to pay off the police, since that is what the evil triumvarte above do all the time, only they do it under the cloak of re
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