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  1. Fred, aren't you thrilled that the posse thinks this is all as hilarious as you think it is?


    Why am I not surprised.


    Hey, laurelnhardy, it should be no surprise to you either when your very valid posts are met with an opposing onslaught from the posse.


    Deleting your original insensitive post doesn't make it go away, Fred. Nice try, though. The families of 227 passengers and 12 crew members of Flight 370 might take issue with your original post. At *least* you should have had the courage of your convictions to leave it stand.

  2. Very nice post, nightwalker. It was a very interesting day (thank you TCM) of programming - it's nice when TCM remembers why it is on the air - but you are very generous indeed to Lukas (poor Lukas) and Lowe. They were simply awful in the part. Even poor Rathbone and my perennial favorite actor William couldn't touch Powell, as historically interesting as their films were.


    Powell *was* Vance, period.


    Stephenson's version was laughable, since the studio decided to interject WWII into The Kennel Murder Case, as Rathbone did with one of the Holmes pictures. However, it _was_ nice to see Toto. According to wikipedia, I missed George Reeves and the son of the woman who no doubt had pictures of the executives, William Hopper.


    Thank you for the history. Even a bad day of Vance pictures is better than a day of very bad post-1960 films on TCM.

  3. Isn't it nice, laurelnhardy, when TCM returns to its roots and does what it used to do best? They've actually programmed quite a few classically classic films of late.


    Aren't Edna May and James wonderful together? They don't make 'em like that anymore.


    In fact, they haven't made 'em like that post 1960.

  4. Nobody has questioned whether he was a good person. The question is how funny he was.


    I'm not surprised Red was two-faced, but who cares if he was a good person or not? Hasn't it been the mandatory mantra here that a person's private life had nothing to do with their entertainment value? If it did, Lee Marvin would lose his SAG card.


    Skelton was not funny. Period. Chaplin wasn't funny either, but at least he didn't have a treacly, cloying sign-off.

  5. Hopefully there aren't many left in the rotation, because Up Goes Maisie was pure drek.


    I wonder, was she soft core porn for the 1940s? Was she the only one who didn't know her dress style was used by street walkers?


    What WAS the intent of the Maisie movies and why was a perfectly good Ann Sothern wasted on these garbagio movies?



  6. SO true, SM.


    And besides being un-funny, he was nauseatingly treacly in his television show. Who can forget being forced (only one television set in the house and parents who didn't know better, heck they were fans of Lawrence Welk!) to watch his hilarious show where the only person laughing was Red, and then having to watch him get all serious and stuff at the end with his vomitous send-off:


    "Good Night and may God Bless"

  7. No, mdowod55, you are *not* the only person who is fed up with the repeats and the non-classics on TCM this past year.


    But, to paraphrase those who rule here: too bad, shut up, and move on. This is the new and improved TCM, so get used to it.

  8. Here, Glyn Dearman, manages to convey simple, childish goodness, without manipulative playing on our sentimentalities.


    So true. Thanks to the Scrooge marathon, I saw Reginald Owen's version all the way through, which I guess was new to me. Horrid, horrid makeup job and wow was Terry Kilburn bad as Tim.


    Alastair Sim always was and always will be Ebeneezer Scrooge to me.


    Oh, and did anyone catch Mank's joke? The man has come a long way as host, RO can retire now. Oh, the joke: he said there were many other iterations of A Christmas Carol, e.g., Mr. Magoo's. He then went on to say there was a new one coming out, A Kardashian Christmas Carol, with lovers past, present and future. He said he was kidding but told E! to call him.


    Anyone stick out the Sterling Hayden teleplay version by Rod Serling? I couldn't, perhaps in the daytime. Again, Mank barbed that it was probably the only UN/Xerox Christmas Carol in existence.


    Kudos, Ben.

  9. Sunday we get lots of coolio treats, namely the Marx Bros themselves in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) at 6am, my favorite version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1938) at 10am, and THE THIN MAN (1934) at 6pm (the only pre-code flick in the series!!). Rock out!!!


    All true, mark, but I liked Sim's version better.


    New to me today - you know Peter O'Toole died, right - was Holiday Affair. Wow, Mitchum scorched the film. As if Wendell Corey ever had a chance. The kid was good too.


    Awhile back The Big Steal was new to me too.


    It's heartwarming when TCM does it like they used to do it.


    Happy Holidays, mark!

  10. Wow, I just came here today to kvetch about the Maisie movies. Who knew they were so bad. But they are.


    NOW you're telling me that there are not only unclassic movies on the formerly great TCM which hardly ever shows classic movies anymore, but that TCM is showing porn??????????????




    Ben, the old grey TCM ain't what she used to be. Good luck in getting many to agree with you, even if you are 1000% correct.

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