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  1. Rats, Andy, so Alain didn't speak English, I thought it looked weird. So the one on now, a beatnik picture with an old Van Heflin (unwatchable for me) has him dubbed again? The Yellow Rolls Royce was icky too, I can't abide an old Ingrid or Omar Sharif in any shape or form. Oh well, two EXcellent movies that we'd never see anywhere else - thank you, TCM. missw, that's why I've taken to posting urls. When I post pictures, I ruffle a few feathers here, even though some post copious and constant cwantity to my mistaken magnitudinous measurement of the male magnificence that is WW.
  2. missw, was there a picture? Hoo boy, here are some hotsy totsy pictures: *http://tinyurl.com/bn2srnd* What is on right now? [Have I the Right to Kill|http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/1892/Have-I-the-Right-to-Kill/] (1963) or, as FIOS is telling me, *The Unvanquished (1964)* ??? Three languages! Kudos, Alain. Here's my love, though: *http://tinyurl.com/ctomrdx* Not to worry, Warren, you're still my future husband: *http://tinyurl.com/d9lgs8x* *------ sigh* *:x*
  3. Very interesting. I remember Alain back when I had a crush on Robert Fuller * cough * 1964. I recall a lot of hullabaloo over him, because he was so very sexy and handsome. He's not bad, even today. Both Rocco and His Brothers and Purple Noon were quite engaging, in their own way. I was puzzled with Rocco, but when I saw Purple Noon, it came back to me that he was a French idol, baaaack in the day. *SPOILER* On PN - could the body really have gotten caught up that way? Cool *gotcha* ending, though.
  4. Madonna mia, mil grazie slaytonf. Rocco and His Brothers is a treat. No, 'scustamatta' (yeah, spelling, SM) doesn't translate to 'shameless' and 'putana' isn't 'brat'. If you're Italian or wish you were, you'll *love* this movie. Thanks for the heads up, slaytonf.
  5. I have not seen *Against All Odds*; it may very well be as good as you say it is. missw, no, it isn't. Against All Odds is awful. It was awful when it first came out, and it's even worse today. Out Of The Past is excellent. Speaking of awfully awful, have you SEEN the new Chanel commercials with Brad Pitt? P. U.
  6. Ack, the theme alone makes me choke up! Thank you *so* much, clore. I didn't realize Harry did Mighty Joe Young, I thought O'Brien made the ape.* No matter, I still love all kinds of stop motion animation and audioanimatronics. The naysayers of any of the Masters in this field of work remind me of the sportcasters who critize the sports greats in tennis and golf, and the one thing I'd like to tell them all -- try doing it yourself before you pass judgement. *The film [Mighty Joe Young|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mighty_Joe_Young_%281949_film%29|Mighty Joe Young (1949 film)]
  7. Against All Odds is awful. It was awful when it first came out, and it's even worse today. Out Of The Past is excellent, try to catch it next time it's on. You will like it, trust me.
  8. Sepiatone, you have been long enough at this board to know that opinions are like noses, everyone has one, right? Ray was indeed a Master and unique in his creations. I'm sure there are those who would deride Will Vinton for being derivative, but I liked his work too. Don't forget, some say Shakespeare wasn't an original either. I like Ray Harryhausen, a *lot*, you like Ray Harryhausen. That's all that matters. If today weren't a dud on TCM, I probably would be tearing up at the TCM Remembers salute to him. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day, TCM will show some classically classic f
  9. Andy, when I think of Susan, I think of Ida Lupino. I liked their tough dame characters, and am not put in mind of oh I must get married and give up my career by the end of the movie actors, nor the androgynous I can knock your block off mid- to later Joan Crawford type actors. They were both very sexual, very female, and (at least in the movies I remember) always very independent. No 'I Married A Doctor' baloney for Ida or Susan!
  10. 8:00 p.m. The Shopworn Angel (1938)..Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, Walter Pidgeon New to me. What a nice little movie. I actually didn't mind Pidgeon. What RO (who looked pretty dapper in that brown suit and pink tie) said about Stewart being head over heels with Maggy and Walter feeling the odd man out, and Maggy being in love with love but not Jimmy was a nice bit of info. Thanks, TCM.
  11. If willbefree or someone else hates Crosby, I'm baffled by it if is based on his persona and talent only. If it is based on personal issues regarding him, that is another issue. Tom, the heading asked for opinions. My post was my 'opinion' about Crosby. On any given message board, you'll find as many different opinions as there are viewers. And that's as it should be. Is it not? What predicates my reaction to Crosby, or another poster's undying love for any other actor, is still their, or my.......................opinion. If every opinion on a message board were challenged until
  12. I just repeated what I heard, and some people I know who tried them told me 5 guys were big burgers. ......Already having hypertension, I shouldn't eat ANY burgers at all. especially bar burgers. I understand, Sepiatone. I read food blogs, and reacting to the anticipation of a 5 Guys coming to the area, I *had* to try one. I'm glad I did - been there, done that, wouldn't do it again. Same with a Smashburger - like all blogs and boards, there are opinions and there are opinions, and one needs to thine own self be true. True on the salt, too, but I am never able to finish an entire bar bu
  13. I find it interesting (and a bit baffling) to read some people who have negative, or even hostile, feelings towards Crosby. Really? After all your time on this board, you still find it interesting and baffling to find that people have the courage of their own convictions, enough to HATE a star even in the face of the rest of the board who LOVES that same star? Hmmmm........now *that* is interesting indeed.
  14. some femme-fatale-wannabe would want to remake it as a vehicle for her own self and that would surely be ghastly. Hah, good point SansFin! It would probably be Cher and Tom Cruise and then they'd have to give out air-sick bags at the door. Just a lovely, lovely movie.
  15. Bing Crosby makes my teeth itch, my stomach turn, and the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Oh yeah, and he beat his kids. I prefer Philadelphia Story.
  16. james, hamburgers are easy to overcook, so I'm not so sure they're easy. Plus, you have to start with good meat. And have the right roll. And the right cheese. Pizza is a bit more difficult. I don't pretend to make a good Neapolitan pizza in a very hot oven at home, but mine is a cross between that and a Sicilan in a regular oven. I am now on a mission to find a 'new' pizza yeast, made by Fleischman and used by Mary Ann Esposito, which doesn't require the rising of the dough. Imagine that? I'm just glad, when the guys and gals on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel are reviewing
  17. Just like pizza, it's really hard to screw up a burger. Have you had really good pizza? You need to have really good pizza - homemade is best - and a wonderful burger to realize Domino's is NOT good pizza and 5 Guys is NOT a good burger. The thing about pizza and burgers? When you're hungry, or drunk, or otherwise engaged, any pizza or burger or hot dog will do in a pinch.
  18. Sepiatone, if you like hamburgers - you'll HATE 5 Guys burgers. Big? No way. Or at least the variation that has made its way to New Yawk isn't, and I think you'd hate it. They're sad little burgers, cooked the way THEY want to cook it, BUT you the consumer get to put any topping out of many on it. You know, like the schmucks who play Three Card Monty and think they MIGHT win? Keep the eye off the burger, show the idiots the shiny toppings, and they're happy. And they are, the majority here love them. I don't. I don't do chain burgers. I try them, and usually laugh at those who
  19. Oy, if you always wished you were old enough in 1932 to go to vaudeville shows, but of course you'd be dead by now, you'll love The Heart Of New York. You'll plotz, it's so good. I never heard of Smith and Dale before. Thank you, TCM.
  20. this film was so watchable. Isn't that just the word, bagladymimi? I don't have a DVR, and couldn't bear to be away from the set for even one single second. I love when those movies show up on TCM. Isn't Montgomery a joy? In movies like this, you dare not take your eyes off his face, but in this movie you just had to do so, the others in the cast were that good. SansFin, the scene in the kitchen was SO VERY modern, wasn't it? No current man woman with the same old tired stars movie has anything on it. I like Paul Rudd and Ashley Judd well enough, and you could pluck Bob and Liz
  21. Mitchum jumping out a window? Never gonna happen. Aherne not going forward with the jewels? Nope. The locket just HAPPENING to be her wedding gift? Nyet. Raymond never hearing the old adage 'she did it to him..........and she did it to him..........and she's gonna do it to you'? Nein. Nah, unrealistic. Men aren't that stupid. Entertaining twisty twisty soap opera, but quite unbelievable.
  22. Hey mark...you rockin' with all the classically classics today? Some not as good as others, Mystery of Mr. X was the topper. The Locket is on now, it's not bad. Heckuva coincidence, but there you go. And isn't it a good thing that the men are wimps.
  23. Did I just hear what I think I heard in the Wall St. Mystery short? Elevator operator, in answer to bark from John Hamilton for his name: Andy Amos (didn't catch last name)........ Hamilton: is that your real name? Andy Amos: Well, it was Abraham Washington, but I had myself baptized with a more famous name. *HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! * As Gahagan says: what a day, what a day.
  24. Wow, SansFin, that was charming and engaging and riveting. Montgomery was perfect. How happy were you that Allen didn't end up with Mr. Oatmeal? They don't make movies like that anymore, or show them on TCM. Thanks, SansFin, for the reminder.
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