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  1. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks, SansFin. It looks to be a classically classic day, like the good ole TCM days. Did you catch Arsenic and Old Lace in the wee small hours? I love that movie. RO said that Massey was made up to look like Karloff because he was in the play at the time and they wouldn't release him. I bet that's a one and only - a play going on at the same time as the play?
  2. Yum-o. Probably a good thing they're not in NY: *In-N-Out-Secret-Menu-Items* http://www.ranker.com/list/in-n-out-secret-menu-items/secret-menu-items?format=SLIDESHOW&page=1
  3. what confuses me is what is cable required by law to provide as part of their basic service package? Cynically, because I've hated cable megalomaniacal corporations since 1982, I'd say they have to provide whatever they can pay off the politicians to allow them to provide, i.e., the very least for the most money. Factually, I have no idea. Summarily, I bet I'm not far from the truth in my cynicism. Good luck with Comcast. I've had none with Cablevision and FIOS.
  4. Oh boy, thanks for the heads up. Does she get hers back? I loved The Prowler for that reason. Keyes was spiffy, in a word! I can't think of the movie, and no it doesn't include Ford, but I just saw Ann Harding on TCM and boy was she good. Strong dames were..........to borrow from mark..................cool! Oh, almost forgot, is Antenna TV the same as ME TV? Otherwise, sadly, I don't have Antenna TV. I have 3,000 other channels that FIOS decides are more important for me to have.
  5. Fritz Lang and Gloria Grahame as a dame? That *does* look good. Drat, she died at 57. She was so good in Crossfire.
  6. Young Man With Ideas isn't much better. Poor Glenn...........a Captain with the Naval Reserve, and this fluff is his chosen legacy on TCM today. Tsk. Tsk.
  7. I happened upon it, saw the filth that it was, smiled ruefully at the nadir to which TCM had sunk, and got out of there in a hurry. I hope you cleansed your eyeballs of the drek (can TCM go any lower?) today with The Prowler? What a boffo film - mark, are you out there watching? - it had it all. Van Heflin, Evelyn Keyes, a take on Double Indemnity, with the added shocker of ............... no, it wasn't smutty like last night's smut .............. a woman who got in a family way (no mention of the word pregnant!) before she was married *AND* ............ can you imagine? ..........
  8. The films by Ms. Loos were amazing, weren't they? The others were stinkeroos. How anyone can belly-ache about todays schedule is beyond me! Such is life.
  9. You are entitled to your POV even if I don't agree with it. Words to live by, mm123. Words to live by. (some boards you can joke around ) ........................ :0 Nicely said, mm123, thank you.
  10. Wow, what a tragic story. She was an English actress who seemingly had talent but was reduced to appearing in garbage, such as (poor woman) a Benny Hill film. She also managed some dramatic roles in Italian films. She was linked to a papal prince (what in the world is a papal prince?) and attempted suicide. She died in a car accident at the age of 25. Tragic, brief life. Too bad there isn't a channel out there that would show Magliari (1959) and La lunga notte del '43, then she'd be known for more than her ****.
  11. Andy, they're showing a crackerjack of a movie right now, Blondie Of The Follies, a pre-code classically classic like they used to show back in the old days. Marion Davies was lovely and a natural actor. Robert Montgomery, Billy Gilbert without a moustache, Sidney Toler, Zasu Pitts and James Gleason. Women behind the movie, and 1932, slightly smutty, and black and white. Can you beat that? Catch it while it's around, it's not a steady diet. Wasn't that a peach? James Gleason - so fine, who needs Gable. Thank you, Ms. Loos. Balloon juice - what a love
  12. I totally agree, misswonderly. Presumptuous, ain't it? Since I thought it was 'the thing' to do, I did it as well. The lovely and very much alive Lizabeth Scott was my female photo. I wish TCM would get her in their living room before she's dead. The male is the very gorgeous and beautiful Warren William.
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.............................good one.
  14. Phew, for a minute there, I thought you said 'actress'. Star. Exactly.
  15. Me too. I can't stomach silents either, but there are only the two of us here who can't. Thank you, leo.
  16. Arturo, you mean 4/25, and thank you for the heads up. For all those who missed it, be sure to catch Cry Of The City. EXcellent movie, Mature showing that he really, really, really could act. SO happy FOX is showing what TCM used to show, back when it showed classically classic good movies, and not 50% garbage, 50% classically classic (and I'm being generous for all the TCM lovers). The Fuller Brush Girl today was AWFUL - was 1950 America really stupid enough to accept pap like that, or did they want escapism from the Korean War and were happy with mind-numbingly stupid films? And
  17. What an excellent post, Sepiatone. TCM should reverse the trend, show the "frequent flyers" on the red-eye shift, and the long-lost fare during prime time. Never gonna happen, unfortunately.
  18. Yup. And even Howard dying whilst having to listen to Leigh was preferable to Hope and Ball kissing. I'm with you on LoA and all the other oh-so-beloved 'classics'. Blech. Take your MoM before you watch.
  19. the sight of Vivien Leigh talking to a bleeping turnip :0 The poor turnip. Not only to be bleeding, but to have to listen to Leigh? Then again, at least the turnip didn't have to see Hope and Ball kiss. Oh the humanity.
  20. It's A Good Life - Twilight Zone - with Billy Mumy.
  21. obrienmundy, you weren't disappointed that they sanitized it from the original?
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