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  1. What I question is whether TCM and it's loyal viewers are being well served by being subjected to much of what he has to say. How so? TCM has long been a channel devoted to the audience of today. The legacy audience better served by Bob Dorian and Robert Osborne is tolerated, of course, but it's the yout demographic and their money whom TCM is courting with the likes of Ben M. and Alec B. So why be surprised when class has been sacrificed for Facebook and Twitter and opinion in place of fact? Cable news channels do handstands to appeal to the lowest common denominator, why not TCM?
  2. If this isn't treason, it's somewhere in the class picture. What are you prepared to do about it? Yes. Thought so.
  3. How delightfully imperious. GWTW wasn't the greatest film ever made and Psycho was not a comedy and Perkins was pathetic in the sequels.
  4. I'll do what Al Gore did -- nothing. The entire topic is a very large bore.
  5. Bored? You must be joking. I was just lucky enough to catch most of it, and it was as well-acted, current, engaging and wonderful as the first time I saw it. Mr. Osborne is quite correct, it's one of the best movies ever made. Boring. What a suggestion. Fortunately, today is Walter Huston's birthday, and there are some nuggets of his I've never seen.
  6. Do you actually think they're going to restore the old website?
  7. Those stupid, gross Kardashians earned $65 million dollars last year?!? Think of all the great talents still living who have nothing, or very little. The actresses, actors, screenwriters, directors who can't find work, who have given up. This points to one thing: our pop society has been dumbed-down to the point of sheer idiocy. I don't like "new movies" but I suggest everyone watch "Idiocracy." The dumb keep breeding and the intelligent (like TCM enthusiasts) aren't doing enough of that! Well, ain't that the truth. Guess what? It isn't going to improve in the next 30 years
  8. Psycho II and III were hilarious. But Anthony Perkins was pathetic.
  9. I am, of course, totally against colorizing anything. As if any other opinion has any merit. How funny to even consider the counterpoint.
  10. The original movie is light years better. As the cartoon guy in The Critic said: It Stinks!
  11. Hah, good one scsu1975. Thanks, TCM, you finally fixed the disappearing type in the posts. Next time, test more before you roll out a new version.
  12. This message, which points to a link of more messages? The mods are responding with updates in the Tech Forum where they repeatedly asked that people post (but not post a problem already in queue) the difficulties they are encountering. I don't see the answer to my question, unless it's being worked on is an answer.
  13. What is going on TCM? Is there anyone there actually working on this disaster of a website? Dubious. Hmmm, earlier I could have sworn there was a delineation from the right side graphics that allowed the posts to be read. Now it's gone and the posts are cut off again. Hey TCM, can't you restore the earlier version and put this one back on the drawing board? Or did you throw out all your notes? Well, at least no one is picking on RO while this abomination occupies us.
  14. (and I always had the impression that TCM was such a professionally run organization!) Live and learn, eh? I do see that they've put a bridge on some views between the graphics on the right side of the page and the posts. So they are taking baby steps. But in other views, the graphics are still overlaying the posts by a quarter of an inch. Next time, TCM? Don't outsource your programmers.
  15. Better. But the graphics at the right are still blocking the posts by 1/4 of an inch. Yes, I measured. So, your techies need to mooooooooooooove the graphics, stage right, a quarter of an inch.
  16. Bingo, Marie. It's easier, and cheaper, to make changes while it's still in production than it is after it's been rolled out. I wonder if they didn't outsource their programmers?
  17. That's what Microsoft said ... and we got VISTA! Quite right. The new changes should have been tested and tested again before being rolled out. It's not like they were going to rake in the bucks by rolling out an early abomination, which is what this new board is. Are the oversized graphics and truncated posts being addressed?
  18. I particularly enjoyed "Smart Woman" with Mary Astor - Did you? I had to turn it off. Did she kick him to the curb? Or did she forgive him his dalliances because she just could NOT live without him? I looked up a review and it appeared she played the guy on the ship to make her philandering husband jealous? Why? Did she take him back after he cheated on her? Despite the wonderful casting of Horton and Astor, it appeared that it was going to go down the woman can't live without a man no matter what a bum he is route, so I had to demur. I understand that it was made when women had n
  19. The 'Popular Forums' graphic box obstructs the right side of the first few posts, and they cannot be read. You fixed something that wasn't broken. Why is that? You haven't improved a thing.
  20. Eight pages of complaints in two days, I wonder what TCM will do about it? May I add that the 'Popular Forums' graphic box obstructs the right side of the first few posts, and they cannot be read. All sizzle, no steak. Well done, TCM.
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