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  1. I watched an employee (her name was Boardman, I think) pick the movie last night. Her choice was Guess Who is Coming to Dinner. It's one of my favorites. I was shocked at this woman's lack of knowledge of this film and was wondering why she was even picked to to this. Was there that few employees who signed up to do this? It's an important film, not just because it deals with interracial marriage which was certainly a hot topic in 1967, but because Spencer Tracy died three weeks after they wrapped. Stanley Kramer knew he was very ill (he looked ill) and was as easy on him as he could be. He would only let him work a few hours a day, etc. The concluding scene where he tells everyone that he has agreed to his daughter's marriage was the last scene (if they shot it in sequence) he ever played. When he spoke about how he felt about Christina when he was young and how it seemed like yesterday and he looked over at Katherine Hepburn, her eyes brimming with tears, one felt like you were interrupting a very private moment because you know they had to be thinking about the 25 years they spent together, good times and bad and how fast the time had slipped by. It's extremely moving and to think it was overlooked by her comment of "I don't know why they didn't date first," meant the moment was lost on her and diminished the power of the movie for us all. It reminded me of that line in Saturday Night Fever when Stephanie Mangano said "well, that's the way they take the poison in those days." I know this point if fairly petty, but I hope the future guest employees have a little more insight into what on the screen than Ms. Boardman.
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