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  1. Thank you, incredibull, that was very kind of you to say. I merely put into words my confusion and deep disappointment during these recent months ever since the downgrade. One thing I'd like to ask you about what you wrote (and I'm putting your quote in italics instead of the quote-box, since the forum software will not permit me to just quote the one sentence I'd like to ask about, and quoting the whole thing would make it look like I'm just trying to spam my OWN post repeatedly! -- _and what's up with THAT technical glitch_??): All that we have had, and will continue to get on into
  2. I too am trying to come up with ways to explain what's happened that make any sense at all. All this destruction -- ---the destruction of so much here that worked so well and was so useful; ---the destruction of so much good will amongst us who were so loyal; ---the destruction of the good name of TCM when so many no longer rave about their favorite cable network with the kind of infectious enthusiasm that garnered new fans; ---the destruction of the "brand" of TCM now that it's proven itself too incompetent to fix even the simplest coding problems, and can't be bothered
  3. Well, I'm back again -- to post ONCE MORE about a situation NO ONE at TCM cares to address: *The DOWNGRADE of the SCHEDULE FORMAT has a _DISPROPORTIONATELY NEGATIVE EFFECT ON ELDERLY AND DISABLED_ TCM viewers.* While I have yet to come across one single positive comment from _ANYONE_ regarding the downgrade of schedule formatting, I can imagine that the TCM Overlords might want to dismiss the inconvenience of the new fancy-pants scheduling format... [sans detailed useful info-at-a-glance without arduous multiple clicking to "expand" each title, yet perversely burdened with tons of
  4. I just had an odd experience trying to post here. The first time I hit "submit" NOTHING happened, no error message, no indication my message did anything but go *POOF* and disappear into the ether. I was sort of "kicked out" of this thread, back to the forum list. Then, when I moved my browser arrow "back" to where I could still see the original comment box, with my message still there, I hit "submit" again. This time I got the message that there would be a delay before my post would appear. I don't mind that at ALL -- *I'm just concerned that my post might appear twice and a
  5. I note that it's been three days since we last heard from "tcmwebadmin", a.k.a. "Renee" in this, as far as I can tell, the ONLY place where we can communicate with anyone at TCM about problems with the mistakenly labeled "Upgrade." (As many, many have pointed out, it's really a *DOWNGRADE*. At that time, Wednesday, March 15 at 7:42 a.m., Renee told us: "*The schedule is being worked on*. I have mentioned it in a previous post but have *nothing to update* at this time. *As I get information, I will place it up here.*" I actually got my hopes up. Since then, silence. Let me re
  6. I just discovered that what I posted elsewhere should have been posted in this thread. I'm reposting it here. It concerns: *The Disabled and Elderly Have Great Difficulties with New Schedule Format!!!* Here are my major concerns about the new daily schedule format: 1. *Please, TCM, have more consideration for the DISABLED and the ELDERLY.* I've seen some (few) folks in the discussion forums dismiss those of us who are upset with having to make *lots of extra clicks* in order to restore the same amount of important information we once had at a glance -- as though anyone who mi
  7. Agreed! And a variation on what you point out (the need for testing, testing, testing) is something I've seen on other large websites/forums -- namely, to *run a parallel "Beta Version," encouraging members to take that version for a spin* and leave their critiques, suggestions, pointing out of bugs or disappointingly executed features, etc. etc. as comments on the "Beta" website. This permits developers/designers to get helpful feedback FROM USERS before "going live" with the new format.
  8. Here are my major concerns about the new *daily schedule format*: 1. *Please, TCM, have more consideration for the _DISABLED_ and the _ELDERLY_.* I?ve seen some (few) folks in the discussion forums dismiss those of us who are upset with having to make lots of extra clicks in order to restore the same amount of important information we once had at a glance -- as though anyone who minds the extra clicks must be lazy!!! To my way of thinking, those who dismiss the problem of numerous extra mouse clicks must lack either imagination about the physical difficulties of disabled and elderly
  9. *My apologies for accidentally double posting.* I've removed the text from this, the first post I made, because I received an error message when I submitted it, and so tried again. To my surprise, both instances showed up here. *Also: I was unable to quickly find an option to "delete this post." Can anyone tell me if such an option is available in instances such as this to delete one's own post?* Edited by: MARIEinTheDesert on Mar 12, 2011 7:55 AM Edited by: MARIEinTheDesert on Mar 12, 2011 8:03 AM
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