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  1. Where can I view this??? (The Ed Brophy What A Character segment.) I would love to see it.
  2. Happy Birthday Eve Arden. So enjoying this day. Every performance (large or small) is a gem. I love her small role in "The Unfaithful." Her speech to Zachary Scott is a classic Eve Arden moment. On the flip side, I really missed seeing Eve in her wonderful performance as the crazy Russian, Natalia in "The Doughgirls." Truly a versatile actress. She's a treasure.
  3. Wow. "Shotgun" is great. It's fun to "rotate" posters. Occasionally I'll find one in an upstairs closet that I've forgotten about and out it comes to enjoy once again.
  4. I started collecting back when stuff was pretty affordable. Probably because at that time (in the late 1980's/early 1990's) very few people (except for a "discriminating few!) cared about movie posters from the 1930's and 1940's. A director friend of mine took me to several really obscure movie poster shops in LA (Hollywood, Westwood, etc.) The places were pretty down and dirty (one guy worked out of a trailer near the Paramount lot) but there were tons of beautiful posters for $50-$100. That was the start of my collection. I still have many Belgians that I bought back then and all of them were less than $200, including a gorgeous "Marked Woman" and a "Mildred Pierce." Then Ebay came along and it was mostly collectors selling stuff to other collectors at pretty reasonable prices. Now 90% of the film posters on Ebay are sold by big dealers and they list posters at outrageous prices and they don't care they ever sell. I guess they figure if you are stupid (or rich) enough to spend thousands on a poster that is worth a lot less, they are happy to take your money.
  5. I've been a poster collector for years and, mostly, I don't care about famous titles -- I care about great artwork and my preferred decade is the 1930's. Foreign posters of American titles are often much more interesting than the American version, especially once you get into poster art from the 1940's and beyond period. I have some US posters but they are of more obscure titles like a beautiful "Behind Office Doors" which I got on Ebay years ago for $300. (Quite a bargain.) I really started out collecting Belgians, French and Swedish posters( with a few Australian daybills thrown in) because I just liked their look better (and prices were better, too.) As for Ben's collection, it looks as though most of these "at home" shots were done in people's home offices. Maybe he's got the "good stuff" in the living room!
  6. OK. I take it back. I really enjoyed some of the segments (Eddie Muller making cocktails was totally a hoot) and I finally had a chance to see the 2015 Ben M./Norman Lloyd interview which is really a treasure! I was thrilled to see that all of the hosts have tons of books in their homes. Reading is apparently not entirely dead.
  7. Love how Gary Sinese (who isn't allowed to go on the mission) is FINE while Bill Paxton becomes sick as a dog. Way to go, Flight Surgeon!
  8. OMG. I was out in LA not long ago and I swear the freeways were about 1,000x worse than they had been on my last visit. This shot is a thing of beauty to me!
  9. Where I first saw "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (which remains a top favorite to this day) and "Bird of Paradise" in which Debra Paget jumped into a volcano to "placate the volcano gods." Scared the crap out of me as a little kid!
  10. I swear the very first Clifton Webb film I probably ever saw was "Stars and Stripes Forever." There was a network show (on NBC I think) called "Saturday Night at the Movies" and (while I didn't realize it at the time) showed only 20th Century Fox Films. So, I got to see S&SF plus many other Fox films -- really nice prints as opposed to the ancient/badly struck prints of classic films which showed on local late night TV. The era was probably early-mid 1960's. All I know is I was very young and it was a very big deal to get to stay up late (I think this started at 9 PM?) back in a time when bedtimes were strictly enforced.
  11. Not sure what is the point of this 4 day "virtual" film festival. While I enjoy the new interviews with the hosts and the festival director, the rest of it is a non-stop rehash of films and interviews which have been broadcast a million times. If they were even showing the films which were supposed to be part of this year's theme, that might make some sense, but this is just a hodge-podge of "stuff." Better to have stayed with the original broadcast schedule and perhaps dedicated one day of the weekend to the hosts and other TCM folks talking about "festival memories." It's a shame that the festival had to be cancelled this year but deal with that fact and move on to 2021.
  12. Devastating news. I loved Brian Dennehy. His performance in "Presumed Innocent" was amazing. What a talent!
  13. Yep, Miss Eve Harrington Wannabee herself!
  14. Definitely worth dealing with but maybe they were just as happy that he and Jeanne Crain (who clashed) didn't have to do another film together. Jeanne was also a pretty big star for Fox at that time, so they might have wanted to keep her happy as well.
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