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  1. I own a house which has 5 bedrooms which was built in 1924. There is one bathroom on the 2nd floor, one powder room on the 1st floor. NONE on the 3rd floor or in the basement. And, imagine all the families that came before me that had kids who somehow managed to survive the peril of ONE BATHROOM! They actually had to wait their turn! What a concept. I am constantly reminded of that scene in Mr. Blandings where Myrna says she is not going to "Risk the health of her daughters by subjecting them to too few bathrooms." Clearly, that is the prevailing design philosophy. Open floor plan, huge
  2. It's as though all the rich people have the same decorator -- All the rooms look so sterile and there are no books or nice artwork to be seen anywhere -- Nothing to indicate that the owners actually have any personality! Don't get me started on the bathroom thing. Apparently there need to be an excess of bathrooms in every house. If you don't have at least 4 bathrooms your house just isn't worth anything, apparently!!
  3. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Challenge ends Sunday, Feb. 28. Five incredible schedules but would love to see at least one more. You can do it!
  4. Perhaps Betsy Ross' dream bedroom?? But, where is the flag?
  5. And when I was little, I wanted to trap my pain-in-the-**** sibling in a room, just like this.
  6. Stevomachino: Welcome back to the challenge. You have been truly missed. What an incredibly clever schedule! Love your wheelchair and harmonica themes, how you've handled the "B" challenges, particularly your 1944 GP, Mortimer Brewster (when I thought of characters for 1944 he was the first one I thought of -- great minds, etc, etc. ) as well as the Inner Sanctum/Universal B's. Dana Andrews is a super SOTM. "The long take" is a great salute as is "Akira & Orson Tackle Shakespeare." Ed Wood and Jack Arnold have long deserved an "attaboy." Super schedule. Love it.
  7. I understand the closets were filled with faux ruby slippers.
  8. Well, what I don't understand is why she had that damn big pool. Isn't she supposed to be a bit paranoid about "melting, melting??"
  9. Guess being the Wicked Witch of the West must have paid well. Currently owned by the "Riverdale" creator. To purchase, all you need is $2.4 million, a mere pittance for the neighborhood! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9295397/Hollywood-home-owned-Wizard-Ozs-Wicked-Witch-hits-market-2-4-million.html
  10. Just a few days to go! Hoping, hoping for another great schedule.
  11. 1. Henry Hathaway -- The Dark Corner 2. George Seaton -- The Country Girl 3. Delbert Mann -- Fitzwilly 4. Frank Perry -- Monsignor 5. Guy Hamilton -- The Mirror Crack'd 6. Ingmar Bergman -- Cries and Whispers 7. Tim Burton -- Ed Wood 8. Robert Altman -- The Player 9. Vincente Minnelli -- The Bad and the Beautiful 10. Sam Peckinpah -- Not a fan.
  12. Speedy. Wonderful schedule. I just knew you would find a way to work Lucille Ball into it and yes, she did a whole lot of B's at RKO. Dan Duryea is a super Best Bad Guy and your salute to James Darren aka Moondoggie is such fun. I love your Daytime Tribute to Sleuthing and Space Babes is hysterical. Great SOTM, Robert Stack, too. Whirlwind WWII Romances is inspired. Super job.
  13. I would kill for TCM to do the "Worst Academy Awards" . . . and, to show who might have been a more worthy winner. What a wonderful twist on 31 Days.
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