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  1. Ah, that made me think of another great team who I believe only did one film together: Harrison Ford & Sean Connery. I would have killed to see Indy & Dad in another film.
  2. June looks like the best month in ages.
  3. Nice to see Florence Rice (I wish she had done more films) get some TCM love!
  4. Gable & Powell were great together. Wish they had done a few more films as a team . . .
  5. You are absolutely right. I could have sworn Sabrina was shot in color. In any case, Bogart was not doing well at the time he was playing the "other" love interest and looked older than he might have if he had not been ill.
  6. To Have or Have Not came out in 1944, Sabrina in 1954. Bogart looked a lot better in the mid 1940's than he did in the mid 1950's -- Hell, he was dead by 1957 and had been in poor health for a while. I think he aged measurably in that single decade and Sabrina being shot in color didn't help either since black and white film was a lot more "forgiving" on aging actors. Paul Newman at 70 was still "hot," Bogart at 54 (cast as the love interest of Audrey Hepburn) was not. Just a matter of how well an actor (or actress for that matter) ages.
  7. Totally agree -- the "ick" factor of the romances with Cooper & Bogart are particularly evident. What are these old guys doing going after sweet, young Audrey Hepburn? Strangely enough, I love the romance of Gary Cooper & Suzy Parker in Ten North Frederick and that was done 2 years after Love in the Afternoon. To me, the chemistry is better and Suzy Parker comes across as a more mature 20something than Audrey does.
  8. I was really looking forward to this film but I swear, no one today can do "period" stuff. It's always a caricature of that time. And the dialogue in this film: "Oh, there goes the Boy Wonder, Irving Thalberg . . . " As though any insider would ever say anything that lame. The whole film was a disaster and it didn't need to be.
  9. She's wonderful with Astaire which is remarkable considering the age difference.
  10. Really liked Tracy and Stewart in Malaya. I would have loved for them to team up again.
  11. The Velvet Touch is wonderful and it is one of the few times when I don't want to hurl the remote in Rosalind Russell's face.
  12. Love this theme and plan to record all of these films.
  13. And, another article. I'd say "howlingly bad train wreck" pretty much sums it up: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9512553/PIERS-MORGAN-RIP-Oscars-woke-ravaged-dull-train-wreck-killed-Hollywood-dream.html?ito=email_share_article-bottom
  14. Honestly, even before Sunday night's Oscar debacle the show was on life support. I KNOW that The Academy clings to this telecast because it is (seemingly) the only way they funnel significant dollars into The Academy but, it's over guys. Give it up. Find another way to make money. The show has been pretty much a disaster for years and the more you mess with it (no host, no production numbers, no film clips, super sped-up In Memoriams, etc) the worse it gets. Go back to the early days of the Oscars where everybody already knew who won and you celebrated with a nice little dinner for the ch
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