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  1. Did anyone notice (how could you miss it?) that the name Johnny O'Clock was repeated ceaselessly. "Johnny O'Clock, Johnny O'Clock . . . ." Argh!!!! If it had been a drinking game, one would have been totally blotto within the first 20 minutes.
  2. And, of course, there were always those rumors about Judge Hardy and "Aunt" Milly . . .
  3. It is never too soon to watch White Christmas. Also, I wanted to give a special shout out to Vera-Ellen. I think she is the best female dancer, ever and never gets her due. She is a joy to watch in this film -- whether she is dancing or not. I love her scenes with Danny Kaye. They are quite the funny pair. I also love her with Astaire in Three Little Words.
  4. I love the whole damn thing. Not usually a Danny Kaye fan, I think he's hysterical in WC. "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" is wonderful and one of my favorite musical numbers ever and, like you, I love "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" (Rosemary is very sexy looking and singing!) Dean Jagger is great, Mary Wickes is great and my only small complaint are those annoying little ballerinas taking up space in the final number.
  5. Poor little rich folks! Rumored to also own (or previously owned) a large estate in Bermuda as well. And, you're not supposed to be able to own property in Bermuda unless you are a native Bermudian but . . . you know . . . money talks!
  6. Love this guy. He brings a touch of class to every film he's in!
  7. You got me thinking about White Christmas with this comment. I will admit that I am NOT a lover of musicals and I probably only "like" about 5, one of which is White Christmas. So, I was musing about the discontinuity problem with that movie, too, but it doesn't bother me as much as The Bandwagon. Once again, at least this film (like The Bandwagon) has the show within a show going for it. They get away with "Count My Blessings," (for me) because it is a love song which Bing & Rosemary sing beautifully and it is outside the actual "show" they are doing. However, having said that . . .
  8. Ah ha! Good one. I applaud your attention to detail. So, that might explain the Girl Hunt Ballet and Triplets but Louisiana Hayride and that "Sun" number that Cyd does?? I don't get those at all (and Triplets, though fun, continues to seem out of place to me. ) I still say the Freed Unit did what it wanted to do and what they mostly wanted to do was to give everybody (Fred, Cyd, Nannette & Jack Buchanan) a chance to shine so they did these disparate numbers that (to me) have absolutely no continuity. By the way, Oscar Levant was supposed to be one of the triplets but he kicked up suc
  9. I found that rationale that the unrelated musical numbers in the "revised" show had something to do with Fred Astaire writing books to be, well, just plain wrong. Fred Astaire writing books (and I barely remember that reference) has nothing to do with anything. It is clearly stated that the revised show is going to be "the show that the Martons originally wrote. " Nothing to do with Fred's alleged "writing." (And I think the reference is to him writing is that he is bored and working on his autobiography which would be an inside joke -- actors who no longer can get jobs are always supposed
  10. Ha! This disconnected bunch of musical numbers -- Triplets, Louisiana Hayride, Girl Hunt Ballet, etc. has always confounded me, too. I guess because The Bandwagon is such a fabulous musical the producers figured they could get away with throwing in a few Don't-really-relate-to-one-another-at-all musical numbers for the "replacement show" for the original Faust musical. Having said that, Dancing in the Dark is one of my absolute favorite dance sequences ever.
  11. Lydia Reed who did a few movies but whose main claim to fame was being part of the cast of The Real McCoys.
  12. I don't believe so and it's a very interesting movie and a different turn for Bob Hope. It has a wonderful cast including: Paul Douglas, Alexis Smith and Vera Miles. I think AMC used to occasionally show it but I'm sure you're right, it has not shown on TCM.
  13. "The Philadelphia Story" wins by a landslide. The cast is world's better -- Hepburn, Grant, Stewart, Hussey, Roland Young, etc. etc. etc. -- they're all superior and much more suited to their roles and I especially hate the "High Society" sister-brat whose performance doesn't even come close to wonderful Virginia Weidler's. The only thing "High Society" has going for it is the music. My favorite song is the enchanting "Well, Did You Evah?" duet by Crosby & Sinatra. A magical movie moment. As for the rest of "High Society," Philip Barry, author of the original play and Donald Ogde
  14. So glad you got to Larry Edmunds. Such a great bookstore!
  15. Clearly the armourer was way out of her depth and the "producers" (most of whom had little to no actual "producing" experience) were cutting corners to save $$ right and left. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10134763/Rust-armorer-subject-numerous-complaints-previous-film-infuriated-star-Nicolas-Cage.html
  16. Daytime looks great. The reason there are so many blanks in the schedule is because TCM is desperately seeking politically correct and/or cheap films from the 60's & 70's to dump into primetime. It's the new normal . . .
  17. The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Totally appropriate in a Museum of the History of Native Americans but absolutely inappropriate in a museum purportedly about the history of movies.
  18. The theme is A Salute to Agnes Moorehead. Dec. 6th is her birthday!
  19. Just gossip and/or revisionist history. We weren't there, so we'll never know -- if it even is anyone's business anyway . . .
  20. Could be female killers/villains as opposed to daytime noirs . . .
  21. Stanwyck & Taylor, McCrea & Frances Dee (Dee appears in The Silver Cord) as well as Reagan & Wyman are real life couples as are Ball & Arnaz, Tracy & Hepburn and Bogart & Bacall. A cool theme.
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