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  1. Well, maybe not Elmer Fudd's writer . . . but apparently Jack Warner did just about everything else to get her to quit once he decided they were paying her too much. God Bless Kay. She just kept taking the money, doing the awful scripts ("King of the Underworld??!) and laughed all the way to the bank.
  2. I swear, as time went on and her star began to diminish at WB, screenwriters got paid extra when they added words with "R's" in them for her to say.
  3. He actually did mention WW in his outro remarks, mentioning his performances in pre-code in the 30's as well as Perry Mason and The Lone Wolf. Must admit, I am a WW fan!
  4. Yes, he did seem to be really dissing the film which was a little confusing since I thought he generally chose the Noir Alley films. As for the "all of whom you'll be seeing on SUTS next year" line, I did take exception to the inclusion of Warren William in that since the guy was a pretty big star in the 30's, very active in the 40's and almost was SOTM not too long ago but lost to another TCM Backlot selection. Poor WW. If he hasn't already gotten a SUTS salute, he surely should, one of these days.
  5. A huge thanks to MovieCollectorOH and sewhite2000 for providing us with this sneak preview (including all themes!) of January, 2020. Really needed that "fix." Love the January themes of Studio System and Whodunit Wednesday with a couple of What A Characters thrown in there, too. SOTM Miriam Hopkins is a great pick. (Bette Davis must be spinning in her grave.)
  6. You've got that right. No matter what evil or outrageous thing he does, the propaganda arms of his party (Fox News, Breitbart, Conservative Talk Radio) spin it and the cult buys whatever they tell them. When one voter was asked why she voted for Trump considering all of his "missteps" with the pandemic, she said: "Oh, I don't believe all that 'fake news" stuff." Just shoot me.
  7. Not just an incredible actor but, what a fascinating life, right from the start! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/31/movies/sean-connery-dead.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  8. I know I am probably the 10,000th person to say this, but the new daily schedule is so bloody annoying. Before (sans huge images!) you could see several hours worth of programming in front of your eyes. Now you are endlessly scrolling just to find out what's on next. Though I, like so many others, printed month's schedule's ahead of time, if I happen to be in the mood to turn on TCM, the first thing I would do was go to the website to check the schedule. Now, instead of having several hours' choices laid out in front of my eyes, I have to scroll and click links endlessly. What really kil
  9. I loved knowing what the themes were because it was a "shorthand reminder" for -- "Oh, I want to remember to check out (insert date) since that's Van Heflin Day. Or, it's 'New York Noir' Day. " The website schedule only indicated the primetime themes (at least in recent history) but the Now Playing E-Blasts indicated both daytime and primetime themes on some dates (not all.) In general, I'm all for adding "modern" films to the mix on TCM, though I am not a fan of "Women Make Film" because it totally ignores the contributions of American women filmmakers who are NOT directors (writers, e
  10. I loved when they did those "coming up next announcements." Gave the station some real personality and served the wonderful function (if you happened to have TCM on) of reminding you (especially when you had the TV on but were in another room) about a film you just might want to see or tape.
  11. Well, I guess we know now what Warner Media plans to do. Strip out all the character on the TCM website (go look at TNT's site -- very similar website style though a very different kind of network,) eliminate any advance information about scheduling, add lots and lots of more "modern" films, eliminate or completely re-vamp the Now Playing e-blast and probably, eliminate "themed" portions of the daytime and nighttime schedules. I sure hope TopBilled continues to do his posts on daily themes (assuming TCM even continues to do themed segments) because that's the only way at present to figure
  12. I have received these all along until the website change. I never received one on Oct. 1 or Oct. 15. What gives??
  13. I had someone recreate the Grace Kelly dress from Rear Window for an ad campaign for a client. Check it out:
  14. Wow. Ruta Lee and Kent Smith. There's a "can't miss" episode.
  15. Well, I usually get them on the 1st and 15th but I got nothing on Oct. 1st. I wondered if TPTB lost some of that database and I don't recall seeing any "Now Playing" promos recently but they may have been on and I missed them. We'll see if one shows up this week. At least we have MovieCollectorOH's schedule links (Thank the Lord!)
  16. Has this been discontinued along with access to any information regarding scheduling more than a couple of weeks in advance? Because I never received an emailed Now Playing schedule. Just wondered if I was "special" or if this was now gone with the wind . . .
  17. Count me in. One of my great joys was downloading and printing schedules a couple of months ahead and then highlighting the films I wanted to see or tape. I sure hope those days are not over.
  18. Me, too. If the object was to make this website more mobile-friendly, this is an epic fail. Loading takes forever.
  19. It's a simplistic disaster with no style (or functionality.) And, takes forever to load a page! Without a doubt, someone without a thought, took a standard WordPress template and plugged in some (but clearly not all) info and added tons and tons of images. (Words are dead, don't you know?) The website was the last remnant of the great design style which used to be a hallmark of "all things TCM" from its earlier days. Remember the great opens to films? Remember all the care given to the SUTS graphics and info? Remember when the SOTM had his/her own promo? I'm all for making changes to keep
  20. Let's hope with all of these great minds on the message boards we can figure out some way to save future months schedule access.
  21. Great idea. Companies tend to respond more to comments/complaints made on FB and Twitter than to complaints on their own site which they tend to ignore and/ or send BS "Thank you for your comment" auto-responses. We should all go to TCM social media early and often starting now. The new format is annoying (and requires multiple clicks to get to the info you want) but my biggest complaint is the inability to access future schedules. Over the years TCM has often tried to restrict access to future schedules for a variety of reasons and the folks on these message boards have managed to always
  22. Love this film. A tour de force for the wonderful Edward Ellis.
  23. I'd say 1972 is the worst (God, I hate that era in graphic design!) with 1967 a close second.
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