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  1. You make a great point about being "hit over the head" with marathons of films that, back in the day, were confined to specific days and times like Silent Sunday and TCM Imports. I can just hear the powers that be telling the programmers: "Screw those people who like old black/white movies. We're going to force feed them plenty of Nouveaux TCM whether they like it or not." The irony is that TCM has made and continues to make millions because of an uber loyal audience they now seem to despise.
  2. Yes, what is going on that nobody (even in the so-called "older generations") wants to have an actual conversation or discussion anymore that comprises more than 4 words? I'm a writer by trade and I've always "massaged my message" before I sent it because words are important to me and I want to make sure I correctly convey what I think. I've had friends with whom I emailed back and forth for years who suddenly abandoned email for texting or FB messaging. God, what a seismic change. They can no longer have a substantive discussion on anything or even write more than 2 sentences in any com
  3. Yes, just noticed that with Alicia, too. It's as though they don't want you to watch the intros! Unmotivated camera movement is idiotic. And, since I'm sure they bring the hosts in to do dozens of intros at a time, there is no hope that this might end anytime soon. TCM Nouveaux continues . . . If there's something they can screw up, they will.
  4. Didn't we all . . . I so miss advance schedules but thank God for MovieCollectorOH!
  5. Thanks. Is this an "official" TCM Twitter account or some fans'?? I'm assuming it's a fan's because TCM could care less about Daytime programming these days.
  6. Yes, yes. Like you, I always thought the classic reference in TCM was pertaining to the classic era -- i.e, the studio system era -- Not that every single film on TCM was a "classic" (whatever that means.) Through the years I have discovered a ton of some silly, sometimes politically incorrect, always entertaining gems produced in the 1930's. Did each one of these films deserve to be preserved in the national archives? Definitely not, but these films do deserve to be seen so that they can continue to do what their original intent was: to entertain. Nothing wrong with that, so stop ign
  7. Watched about 10 minutes of this POS last night. Seems as though it was incorrectly programmed in prime time. Perhaps TCM Underground would have been more appropriate?? TCM "Spotlights" are now astrology and roller skating . . . Enough said.
  8. Yep. I never know what innocent name or word is going to get censored next. In this case Bad Luck B------ is a cat.
  9. I was checking through the schedule and found a great one-line description for an upcoming film: "Nazi agents use headless ghost as a front." Can you imagine the writers/producers pitching this idea to a studio head???? I know there must be many, many more classic TCM film descriptions . . .
  10. I was watching some old recordings I had made in 2012 (mostly to enjoy the now-gone classic TCM graphics of that era) and stumbled upon "Son of the Gods" starring Richard Barthelmess & Constance Bennett with intros and outros by Robert Osborne. On the face of it, this film appears to be one of the most "objectionable" films you could view (I assume it will never see the light of day on TCM again) but, in reality, is it? Richard Barthelmess's character (Sam Lee) is the son of a wealthy Asian who, as the film begins, has been sent away to college. Sam "looks" Caucasian though he is by n
  11. Just what I was looking for. Thank you, thank you!
  12. Any apparent daytime/nighttime themes (like, say -- "Lady Spies") in the month of October? I'm talking about daytime and primetime themes -- I took a quick look at the October schedule and other than Lucille Ball as SOTM and Halloween films, nothing jumped out to me.
  13. Thank you so much for this. It (and Charles S. Anderson) are treasures. I totally agree with his statement that while technology is great, it has taken away, too often, of the need to think creatively and to do things by hand.
  14. Charles Coburn and George Zucco are wonderful as is George Sanders. Super cast.
  15. I forgot about Lured. That may be my favorite Lucy film. Lucy working for Scotland Yard. What could be better?
  16. Beauty for the Asking is a great B film and not only stars Lucy but also gives a large role to Frieda Inescort, one of my favorite British actresses. (I think she's a Scot.) To not include The Dark Corner is a huge mistake in a month where Lucy is SOTM. Very interesting film and while the leading man is a bit dull, Lucy is fine.
  17. I know, I know and 90% of the time they don't even use it correctly!!
  18. I think what we fail to realize is, that while TCM was conceived and nurtured in its early years by a staff and management who LOVED CLASSIC MOVIES, that is no longer the case. Ted Turner obtained the MGM film library for the purpose of starting a network featuring classic films, the vast majority of which had been produced during the studio system era. Most of these films had not been widely seen anywhere for years, except at the occasional film festival. He hired Robert Osborne to host and to be the "face" of the network because Osborne was a well known (dare I utilize a much over-used
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