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  1. Oh, please. It was (clearly) a poor word choice. Haven't you ever tried to tell people who had never seen a black/white movie to give it a try. I would bet you have.
  2. I think you are playing with semantics here. I often "suggest" that someone might like to try a black/white movie from the era mentioned because I think someone would enjoy it. I'm sure the reason many of us love "old" black/white movies is because it was suggested to us by parents, grandparents, friends, etc. that we try a certain film. Dreary chore, indeed!
  3. I totally agree that TCM is for everyone. I wish I knew a lot of under 40's who appreciate classic movies but, sad to say, I do not. I've tried countless times to convert folks to the joys of watching black/white movies from the 1920's - 1950's and invariably they look at me as though I am deranged. (I am, but that's another topic for another time.) My point is that in making graphic decisions, it's clear that the current regime feels that the original logo/graphics/slogan were a turn-off to under 40's and that to attract them they need to destroy "the old" and promote how "with it" TCM can
  4. Agreed. I find the loss of the TCM logo, to put it mildly (or not so mildly) a true tragedy. Smart retailers know that an iconic logo is something you don't throw away. (See: Coca-Cola, Levis, Kelloggs, Johnson & Johnson, Heinz, etc., etc.) Change the sets, change the on-air graphics and music but, there was no reason to lose this wonderful logo. However, I am sure (having worked in TV production, advertising and marketing) that much of the decision-making which went into tossing the logo was because the powers that be thought it "looked old" which would defeat their mandate to GET YO
  5. And the conjecture about Hepburn and Tracy's sex life has what to do with TCM's "refresh?"
  6. OK. I wanted to let at least 24 hours pass while I digested the "new look" along with the new slogan, etc. etc. before I commented on anything. Here's my humble opinion: The Good. Love Ben's new set. The old set was dated and looked like it existed in the heart of darkness most of the time. The new set is lighter, larger, more open, more versatile and definitely better to look at. I will be very interested to see what they do with Eddie Muller's Noir Alley set. Will they go "modern" or stick with the noir-esque vibe? I also appreciate TCM finally unifying all of the on-air gra
  7. Absolutely right and brilliantly expressed!
  8. This is a treasure. Thanks for posting it.
  9. Let's see. This promo introducing the new TCM versus this work of genius introducing TCM when it first became a network. You make the call.
  10. If this guy spent 3 months creating this promo, he must be the slowest producer/editor on earth. I figure once you had the script recorded it should take you a few hours to put this together. Of course, if you had to get approvals for every single shot selected (and I assume that was the case) that would take some time.
  11. Definitely Helvetica in some "rounded" version. (Nothing duller than Helvetica but it's always the safe choice.) My question is: What the hell are those icons in the animation which resolve in the C?? They seem to represent nothing but I sure hope there was some "thought" behind using them. Could these be mid-century modern icons?? A couple looked like it but the rest just looked like random scrawl . . . Art directors, please weigh in!
  12. I figure this ALL CAPS THING is TCM giving us "large size print" versions of everything (perfect for the over 60 set, ya know!)
  13. Totally agree. I thought it was ugly in the 70's and it's still ugly albeit with better "branding."
  14. You bet. Now thinking the "big reveal" will happen at 8 PM. Perhaps Ben will deliver his "exclusive insights" standing on his head. I believe that qualifies as hosting in a "fresh new way."
  15. I find it hilarious that when they changed the schedule on the website they went to a "The Day Starts at Midnight" (or thereabouts) format yet, they still start the new day's programming at 6'ish (just as the "old" TCM website indicated. ) Get it together folks -- the new day either starts at dawn or it starts at midnight, programming included.
  16. I've always loved Suzy Parker. I wish she had done more films. I guess my favorite is Ten North Frederick. She does an amazing job and I swear, it's the only time Gary Cooper seemed even remotely human in a film. They had great chemistry.
  17. One of the most talented actors, ever. I could watch him in anything. And . . . he hated spunk!
  18. Hearing the times was important to me, too. Now, I do live in EST so, perhaps that was an advantage, but hearing (and seeing times) would serve as a reminder (often I would leave TCM on in another room while I was working in my home office next door) to tape something that I had forgotten about. If it didn't bother the viewership for 20+ years to see EST times listed (and spoken) it made no sense to eliminate those things when they did. Clearly, eliminating the announcer was done for cost reasons only. Eliminating the actual TIME from the screen -- I have no idea which idiot came up wit
  19. Wondering if anyone has Paramount Plus and, if so, do they have any 1930's-1940's classics beyond the "usual suspects?" I'd consider streaming it if I could pick up some of those Paramount pre-codes, etc. we never get to see on TCM.
  20. I was wondering if they might do this. Sending talent to Atlanta to shoot ins and outs on a consistent basis had to be costly. But, I thought Jacqueline lived/taught in Chicago. Not so?
  21. Oh, my. Where do I begin? Sounds reminiscent of what local TV station news directors do when they arrive upon the scene. Change the logo, change the set, change the graphics. While the sets have been pretty awful for YEARS and I would totally celebrate the demise of the idiotic "Let's Movie" slogan, I would/will really miss the "classic graphics" -- the only thing left from the early days of TCM when they hired a series of incredibly creative designers to come up with truly amazing, evocative graphics -- the way I really miss the old website. Yes, let's make TCM (if it even continue
  22. Now, that would be a way to really screw things up . . .
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