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  1. The incomparable Virginia Weidler . . .
  2. Thanks so much sewhite for doing this!
  3. I'm a super-fan of Kay Francis' and so enjoyed "Kay Day." She is equally effective in light comedy and high melodrama. Lights up the screen every time she appears. I had no idea who she was until I started watching TCM. What a revelation. Love all of her films and I also love that even when Warner Brothers threw her into a lot of sub-standard fare (to get her to quit) she laughed and said: "As long as they pay my salary, I'll do 'whatever.'" She was a smart lady and didn't let WB force her out. Like Myrna Loy, she did a ton of volunteer work during WWII and later handled retirement grac
  4. I would have loved to have seen some of his early British and early Fox films (My Cousin Rachel, etc.) Most of the post Cleopatra stuff is trash.
  5. See the original post regarding the overview by TCM of Winter Meeting (part of today's SUTS for Bette Davis.)
  6. I think that I shall never see A poetess as repressed As Bette.
  7. I dunno. I just cracked up when I saw the Overview for Winter Meeting this AM. I think I get what they mean by "repressed" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) but you have to look long and hard to find somebody who is both repressed AND a poetess. No wonder they made a movie about it! "A repressed poetess and an embittered war hero help each other cope with their problems."
  8. Not crazy about Life with Father, but it's more about the film, than it is Powell's performance. Just find it kind of silly and, shoot me, I prefer William Powell as a clever sophisticate, as opposed to portraying an annoying old coot!
  9. Argh!!! I love Nora Charles though her character was best in the early Hackett/Goodrich films. Post Hackett/Goodrich, there seemed to be much more "making fun" of Nora Charles -- trying to turn a witty sophisticate into a silly meddler while Nick does all the crime-solving. She was truly annoying in "The Thin Man Goes Home" where she gives that endless monologue about Nick to Harry Davenport and goes on a wild goose chase after Ed Brophy. But we have the early films to love the true Nora Charles.
  10. Forgot about that one. Super cast with Kay Francis, Aline MacMahon and Frank McHugh.
  11. TCM celebrates William Powell's 129th birthday with a day's worth of WP films. Sit back and enjoy! One of my absolute favorite actors. Some of his best (IMHO) are: The Thin Man, Star of Midnight, My Man Godfrey, Jewel Robbery, Crossroads, The Kennel Murder Case, Double Harness, Evelyn Prentice, Mr. Roberts and the list goes on and on and on. What are your favorites?
  12. I agree that Jacqueline Stewart isn't used enough. She's obviously brilliant, excellent on camera and should not be used to talk only about race/feminist film issues. I'd love to hear her insights on all kinds of films. Karger has improved (slightly) but he is completely wooden and clearly has no depth of knowledge about "classic" (particularly anything pre-1970) films. Pretty much a waste of the viewers' time and he, more than the others, reads what's on the prompter and brings absolutely nothing to the party. On the evening of Florence Rice films he talked mainly about her co-sta
  13. Alicia Malone as a TCM employee has NO control over the content she is told to read. So, if you have a problem with her "lecturing," blame the management, not the "reader." The idiotic "Star Signs" spotlight??? Not her idea, I'm sure. She's just the poor host who got the short straw and was forced to deal with these segments. I'm sure Ben and Eddie said: "No way" (and they have the power to do so) and Karger was lucky enough to get out of doing it. I've liked Alicia from Day 1 and she only continues to get better and better.
  14. I noticed that, too. As Gene Tierney was bidding the doctor goodbye after Vincent Price's "demise," I thought: "Where's the kid? Aren't you the stepmother??" Really poor continuity on the part of the director. All he had to do was throw the kid in Gene's carriage and we would assume she was going to be taken care of. Oops! The actress, Connie Marshall, is also featured in "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House." She's one of the daughters, known for her pithy line reading directed at Cary Grant and Myrna Loy: "Bicker, bicker, bicker."
  15. Ah ha! Loretta wasn't having an affair with the doctor -- she was having an affair with Sneezy who was, unfortunately, allergic to Algerian Ivy.
  16. Yep. Looked like they super-glued ivy all over that house.
  17. Maybe that's why she tried to run him over -- twice. I loved how after almost killing the brat, she backs out of the driveway just as fast the second time.
  18. I love her pre-code films but she seemed to get more and more "self conscious" as an actress as she aged which made her performances (to me, at least) much less believable.
  19. Yes, that annoyed me, too. "Revisionist history" by Loretta to clean up her image in later life. She also had an affair with Spencer Tracy (while he was married!) The poor, long-suffering Mrs. Spencer Tracy! Loretta clung to the image of herself as the "pure and innocent Catholic girl" but her actions definitely did not reflect that. I laughed out loud when Eddie mentioned that Robert Mitchum put a $50 bill in Loretta's "swear jar." Good for him.
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