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  1. Well, clearly what is happening is the elimination of ANY printable monthly schedule. When that is gone then the only printed alternative is "Now Playing." Trust me, it's all about the bottom line. That's always what drives any corporation and, at the end of the day, TCM is merely one small component in the giant Time Warner conglomerate. Where's Ted Turner when you need him??
  2. I guess the point is that many folks enjoy printing the schedules ahead. What's the harm? It was a simple link which was available for YEARS (and a no cost alternative to buying the "Now Playing" guide) so why not continue to provide it? Actually, now that I think of it, many, many of the folks who enjoy this network are in the 60+ demographic and may be on fixed incomes. Having access to schedules months ahead for FREE is something which was, greatly appreciated I am sure. I have yet to hear one TCM executive explain WHY this service which clearly many, many viewers used and enjoyed and
  3. I think everybody would appreciate whatever info you've got. Thanks.
  4. Well, it seems there has been a major "sea change" at TCM in regard to customer service. The website "upgrade" has been criticized from Day 1 and pleas to re-instate features that viewers used and loved have mostly been ignored or taken an inordinate amount of time to correct. This printable schedules issue is just one of a multitude of problems. Clearly, complaining (nicely or not) has absolute no effect on TPTB -- Perhaps stronger measures (such as each unhappy TCM viewer has at his/her disposal) is the only solution to getting some positive action. Or not. It's is a real shame that a
  5. Oh, IE is not my browser so it is not an IE problem to be sure.
  6. Better yet, boycott the latest money making scheme, the TCM Cruise!
  7. I seriously doubt that the complaints about changes in the schedule caused this wholesale change regarding the PRINTABLE month's ahead schedules. Since the July/August schedules already appear in calendar form on the home page, clearly TCM corporate could care if they make last minute changes which offend. Bottom line, they want to force people to buy the Now Playing Guide rather than print monthly schedules of their own. And they want to sell DVDs rather than have folks tape their own copies of select films. At the end of the day, it is, the way it always is with a big corporation, all
  8. Oh, give me a break. It's called customer service. People enjoy printing these schedules ahead and planning what movies they are going to watch/tape. Removing them is clearly an attempt to sell more dvds and Now Playing subscriptions.
  9. DItto to that. Many thanks. Any luck finding the September schedule which was up and gone in record time???
  10. I think everyone should inform TCM that even if they never restore the links to the printable schedules, no one will be buying the Now Playing Guide. Folks who subscribe, should cancel ASAP. Clearly, no amount of begging to have those links restored to printable schedules over the past few months has yielded any results. Perhaps hitting them in their bottom line will result in something positive. Or not.
  11. Perhaps the only way to convince TPTB that we will NOT be buying the Now Playing guide even if they never post a printable schedule again, is to send letters and or e-mails to that effect (not that they will respond as they used to back in the day) and those folks who now have Now Playing subscriptions should cancel them. It seems that months of begging to have the "months ahead printable schedules" back on the website is not working and now they have even hijacked the links to those schedules for Lord only what reason other than sheer perversity. Perhaps hitting TCM in its bottom lin
  12. No, it's DOWN. The link to the printable September schedule no longer works. Click on it and it will take you to June. Not sure who hijacked the schedule or where it is hiding but I have a theory. TCM screws up (or screws its viewers, to be more precise) once again.
  13. Just in case you haven't noticed it, NONE of the links to "months ahead printable schedules" work anymore . . . "Big Brother" aka "The TCM Web/Schedule Nazis" have clearly changed the url so there is no way to link to any printable schedule now except the June schedule. Use any link (September, August, July) and they all go only to June's printable schedule. So annoying and frustrating. What is the motivation here?? Just to make loyal fans who enjoy printing schedules a month or 2 ahead go mad?? Would these people just give up on "hiding" the printable schedules??? It's absurd.
  14. A link to the September printable schedule was posted the other day (not by TCM, of course, who clearly does not want anyone to have access to these things, but by a member of the message boards) BUT, now if you click on that link all you will get is the June schedule. Click on ANY of the "months ahead" links (July, August or September) which were posted on these message boards and all you will be able to reach is the current month (June.) www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=est&sdate=2011-09-01 Clearly TCM has changed the url to something no one can access (at least for now.)
  15. Just asking, so verbal/written slaps on the wrist to "be patient" are really not necessary. However, I seem to remember that prior to the recent website upgrade the "2 months ahead" schedules were always available on the 1st of the month since I always looked for them on that date. But, one should be grateful that we even have any "months ahead" schedule since it has taken a virtual act of God to get them up since the purported "upgrade" to the website.
  16. Is the September schedule up yet? I tried using the url which has been posted to access months ahead schedules and subbed the "09" for the "08" but got a page which no movies listed. I thought they were posting new schedules the 1st of the month now??
  17. I totally agree. Making the "schedules 1-3 months ahead" virtually impossible to find to print was a corporate decision. I can just hear the "bean counters" at some meeting: "Why are we letting these people print schedules when, if we make them impossible to find and print, we can SELL more "Now Playing" guides?? Why, that would mean more $$$$ in our pockets. And, who wants them to tape anything anyway?? We want to sell overpriced DVDs!! Even more $$$$!!" I feel sorry for the poor person who has been assigned to try to "calm the masses" on these message boards by attempting to explain
  18. Would someone please tell me where the link is to go to future month's schedules on the site. I go to "Monthly Schedule" and all that appears is the current month with no links to subsequent months. This is crazy. It was all so easy before they mucked up the design on this site. I have entered urls (which I found on the message boards) for future months but I cannot print more than 2 pages of the July schedule. I am using Safari, have also tried IE so what is the damn problem??? This is so frustrating.
  19. Someone said you can print 2 months ahead now. Where is the link for this? I went up to Monthly Schedule and nothing has changed . . .
  20. Totally agree with your "1st of the month was like Christmas morning" so you could check the new (3 months ahead) TCM schedule, download and print and choose which movies you wanted to tape or make sure you didn't miss!!! They had better restore this feature or thousands upon thousands of viewers will be livid. We don't want to buy your guide. We like printing our own!!!
  21. Where are the links to view and print the next months schedules??? This is a huge problem.
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