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  1. I was speaking, though, of the (now) old pdf format. I do not see this format available, anywhere on the website anymore. You say that two months are provided, but, to get a movie description beyond merely who stars in it, we now must click on each movie, individually, which is extremely time consuming. The old, simple, monthly pdf, had all that information for an entire month, no clicking to do beyond the initial request for that month's pdf. If the old pdfs ARE still available, please let me know where on the website to find them. I am not seeing it. (I did find a highly buried spot
  2. I can understand why TCM wants this new format, where they can plug in merchandising ads related to individual movies. However, I much prefer the old month-long pdf format, which listed all movies along with descriptions. Reading the descriptions was fast, because they were there already. Now, each movie must be individually clicked on to expand to show a description. The response time is slow for each click. In the pdf format I'd read/glance at each description, and sometimes find something of interest in movie titles I otherwise might not have given a chance. Now, with this new format wh
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