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  1. The opening scene of Dark Passage was quite suspenseful. We are immediately put into a very tense situation. The use of first POV was remarkable, especially when Parry hitches a ride and to really see the facial reactions of the driver from Parry's POV was really interesting. This opening scene was definitely very unique in the way it was shot.
  2. The peaceful lull of the plantation had a really calming affect with the a full moon and plantation workers lounging about and resting, then all of a sudden a shot was fired and it completely disrupted the mood. I, for one was quite surprised by this and by how quickly Leslie was in emptying her gun into Hammond. I just loved how the full bright moon quickly gets covered by clouds, signifying the death of Hammond and how the moon's light poured onto the scene of the crime, almost like a spotlight for all to see.
  3. I got a sense of realism from the opening scene of La bête humaine. For the first couple of minutes, I got a real sense of what it really takes to be the driving force behind a train. Also, both of the characters did not speak, they only gave each other gestures and automatically they understood what the other meant. This part truly fascinated me because it suggested that the two characters probably have been working with each other for some time and had to develop their own "language", since the operation of a train was quite loud, since The transition to the sounds of the train screeching to
  4. The opening begins with a pitch black screen, we can only hear a young girl saying, "it won't be long" This foreshadows a bleak situation. As the screen reveals a group of children playing a game, the young girl continues with a rather grim song. Even though the young girl is reprimanded by a woman, she continues as soon as the woman goes out of sight. This displays children being children and that the children do not see the full gravity of the situation of the murderer at large. The way that the apartment complex is built creates a feeling of hollowness. The lack of non-diegetic sounds allow
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