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  1. YES - the thing with the time zone is really ANNOYING! I thought I was the only one who hated this, so I'm grateful you posted it too. Maybe in the member profile people can SET their time zone? Then it won't always default to EST - there are fans on the west coast TCM! Thanks!
  2. I cannot tell if this was addressed before - there are pages of commentary on this topic! But, the old version left my schedule set to my time zone... I'm on PST and I want to keep it that way when I log in to check out the schedule. Please don't default everything to EST - at least give us a check box or something to let us pick a time zone. Thanks TCM - I'm getting used to the new format - it's a bit too flashy with all of the drop-down "expanded" stuff, but whatever. Remember, when it comes to websites KISS - keep it simple, stupid.
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